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I quite like that angle dwyhajlo. I can imagine that Rock Hudson would have definitely gravitated towards the film on the basis of the story resonating with him as you say.

The film made me think of Hitchcock (was that intentional by the way? Even down to Saul Bass handling the titles) and yet managed to also be a product of its time.

I quite liked it. The claustrophobic camera angles and the editing all contributed to making the film feel very "uncomfortable" with a sense of unease pervading the entire thing. In a way I wish they played a little bit more on the paranoia that the music and shooting style seemed to be evoking, but I guess it still worked as a sign of emotional tension when it all came together during key scenes.

Wilson's refusal to play ball throughout the film basically - initially when he was reborn, or even when he first went to the hippy grape party and later when he went back to the corporation all showed a complete lack of agency from him as an individual. It is kind of depressing that it is implied by this pattern of behaviour that even if he was given another chance he would still botch it up. His claims about doing things his own way ring false when you think that he was given enough room to do things his own way and yet he did nothing with the opportunities presented. I guess like he said at the end, he just never had a dream (or knew what he wanted).
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So...where's the next movie? I'm looking at you Lionheart tongue.gif

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Fuck, I got caught up with a few things and forgot to watch "Seconds". I´ll try to watch it tonight.


How do I upload the movie of choice to Dropbox? Do I have to have it downloaded on my computer and I do it from there? Never used it.

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Yeah you definitely need to have the movie downloaded. Ideally, what you should do is either download the movie straight into the film club folder (after creating a sub-folder for it first) then leave your computer online for it to upload it for you smile.gif. If you have the file already, then all you need to do is copy and paste or move it into the relevant Dropbox folder on your computer. That's it. When Dropbox is done syncing, the rotating arrows on your taskbar (or whatever) will change to a check mark.
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Thanks, man. I already started the download, so once it´s done I´ll copy it to the folder.

I don´t think this one will be as unknown as the previous ones, but I was unaware that I was third in line to choose a film. I haven´t seen it, but it´s from one of my favorite directors and this work of him has eluded me, despite being one of his most acclaimed ones.

If it turns out most people have watched it, then I´ll look into choosing something more "obscure".

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The movie´s already on dropbox but subtitles aren´t showing and only 15 minutes of it are up and it has the check sign as if it´s all there. I don´t know why since I have the whole movie on my computer. ... If it doesn´t end up loading all the way, the movie is in youtube, where I downloaded it from. Easier this way I guess.


Here´s the link

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Well I've managed to download it in full, and it seems to be working so far, so it might just be a problem on your end. Either way, it's probably worth deleting Little Odessa from the shared folder now, since I don't think the minimum Dropbox size of 2GB is capacious enough for more than two films, and most people will have seen/copied it by now
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Just finished watching it and it was quite an experience. First thing I really liked was all the close ups at the beginning and how it made me develop a sort of intimacy with the film, something hard to see often  nowadays. It carries on throughout the film but it´s not like in the beginning, where it´s centered around the character´s worry over the call and where you can also see his disillusionment for how his life has come about.
The camera work and Hudson´s performance were the strongest  point for me. From the aforementioned close ups, to the over-the-shoulder shots, the low camera angles, etc. And I liked how subtle (but powerful) the music was. It made for a bigger dramatic impact at some points but it never dominated the scene and it felt very natural.

A couple of things I would´ve liked differently were, first, the transition from him getting accustomed (or going through his new live) to realizing his being watched by a lot of people. It was mainly him walking down the beach while  trying to paint a little, meeting the girl, going to a crazy forest wine party with hippies (?)... now that I list it, I see there were a handful of events, but it still seemed a tad rushed... anyway, it wasn´t much of a big deal and it´s just a personal view. The other thing I would have tried to not be so obvious was when he meets Nora. We see him walking on the beach a bunch of times and then she just happens to be there, sulking or whatever, and she´s this free spirited woman who is gonna make him a new man. Needless to say, It wasn´t a surpise to find out she was part of the agency. They´re minor details and don´t change the fact I enjoyed the film thoroughly.

It´s odd there hasn´t been a remake of it. Such a great story work with... Though I guess it´s best, seeing what usually happens when studios do a remake. And reading Shah´s thoughts, it would be kind of impossible in this day and age, with all the technology to identify a person.

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I can donate a few GB of my Dropbox to archiving old films for people who want to catch up. Just PM me if you need access to the folder and I can shoot you a link.

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Bump. Have been super slacking, I'll try to catch up in the next few days.

I can't edit the op anymore, fuck.

Noob, you're next. Did you manage to find a copy of The Falls (?) ?
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I'm ready,, but maybe we should spend the rest of this week on Fireworks? I just got it to download, will watch tomorrow evening biggrin.gifhappy.gifshog[1].gif

Given that The Falls turned out to be like ten gigs, I'm going for my second, but much more digestible and favorite choice, O____ P____ O____

Warning: HERE ARE YOUR HINTS... (Click to show)

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Hana-Bi is one of my favorite films ever. Looking forward to discussion smile.gif.
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Originally Posted by noob View Post

 I'm going for my second, but much more digestible and favorite choice, O____ P____ O____

Warning: HERE ARE YOUR HINTS... (Click to show)

I just watched that. devil.gif

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i really liked second. the ending tho was pretty obvious the moment he talked about getting a second surgery and walked into the waiting room. was waiting for a turn of events but everything kind of just unfolded

i really liked those shots where the camera was fixed on the main character as he was walking around. something about the lighting made it really trippy/creepy

also the boobs were awesome.

need to find time to sit down and watch hanabi.
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I am catching up this weekend. Excited.
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