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Uploading mine at the moment...enjoy.

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Is snake's movie about tirailleur?
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tirailleur took over for Harry Dean Stanton in the scenes that were especially um paripatetic. See Harry's got bad feet. The whole thing must have been a major breakthrough for the steadicam tho. Haven't seen it in a while but that's my recollection. And space. There's a lot of space in Paris TX. And it does have some good shots. Stanton is underrated too.

What happened to prophet it's gone again. Guess we're moving on then. All I recall was that it was good in a way foreign films are good, that even french prisoners have a certain I dont' know what, and that the du was pretty well prophetic at predicting deer crossings, and that ringleader or whoever in the prison had some temper problems.
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Originally Posted by jwjp View Post

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And where is this 'French Films Required Reading' you speak of?


I'd remove Le Péril Jeune (not sure why I put it in the list in the first place, it's really not that great) and there are better Claire Denis films out there. I'm tempted to add something from Arnaud des Pallières, I really want to add Disneyland Mon Vieux Pays Natal (more of an essay film but whatever) but I don't think there are any subtitles available so it's kind of a useless suggestion for most ppl. Probably should also add something by Carax. I've really been digging Desplechin films lately but it's not for everyone.
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I hope people haven't forgot about this thread. frown.gif

What did people think of Paris, Texas? I know a few of you have already seen it.

What's next?
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I really enjoyed Paris, Texas. Hadn't seen it before and I had no idea what to expect. Loved the shots of the desert, and the lighting throughout. It felt to me like the sort of film that rewards repeat viewings. I'd love to read some more scholarly analysis or in-depth reviews.

Looks like dotcomzzz is next up.
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Got some tumbleweed blowing through here right about now...

So I'll give it a couple days for ppl to post some thoughts before uploading the next one.
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I missed a couple of films after some holiday time during easter. Watched Paris, Texas the other day. I don´t remember whose pick it was but I truly enjoyed it; and it was weird how a movie that long (close to 2 1/2 hours), without a substantial amount of dialogue and focused on a character´s "absence"  didn´t feel slow at all. Shots of the scenary were spectacular and they just went perfectly with the character´s transition.

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New film loading up. True Romance. I'm betting most have seen this, but want to spark some talk even if ppl don't watch again. To my eye it has some great scenes from 90's era cinema viz. the walken/hopper eggplant scene among others.
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Weird but I haven´t seen it. So thanks a lot for uploading it, man. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

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So, embarrassing as it may be to admit, I haven't seen True Romance. I just jotted down some thoughts:
-It seems a little weird that Tony Scott directed this movie. It doesn't really seem to fit in with the rest of his oeuvre. It seems a lot more like Tarantino's baby - from the dialog to the use of certain tropes (e.g. kung fu movies, old pop music, the focus on crime, etc.)
The end result ends up feeling a bit more middle-of-the-road, like it's not wholly from either camp. Most of Tarantino's best stuff benefits from a certain cartoonish, comic book, exploitation aesthetic. That aesthetic is mostly missing here, which isn't necessarily a good thing.
It's easy to see how other people trying to ape Tarantino's style ended up producing so much garbage in the mid 90's.
-The whole thing feels like it's quite indebted to films like, say...I dunno, maybe Raising Arizona or Wild At Heart. However, True Romance lacks the aesthetic "vision" (sorry) of the Coens or Lynch. Maybe it's just a case of too many cooks in the kitchen.
-Or maybe it's just the dang marimbas.
-Didn't even recognize Gary Oldman. The man is a treasure.
-It's funny how Detroit from 20 years ago still seems like a post-apocalyptic world from 50 years in the future.

Altogether, not one of the worst Badlands imitations out there.
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enzo, is that you???
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Whoops! I really let this thread get away from me (glad to see I am not the only one though!).

I had a movie in mind to upload, but now I am not so sure. WIll think about it for a bit and dump something in the dropbox to begin the laborious (from Nigeria) uploading process. Hopefully you guys will enjoy it and we can resume discussions. Hopefully I can use the weekend to catch up with the last couple of movies too.


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