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Yeah Un Prophete and Assassination of Jesse James (which I also considered) are two that I watch a lot...dunno, somehow they never get boring and I'm the type of person who generally doesn't revisit movies
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as with me, rare to rewatch ones. but prophete + la haine are too good (even though my friends from 93/95eme hate that movie for its "exaggerative" take on their lives haha)
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The only movies I revisit often are The Big Lebowski (or, rather, I used to, but I think I burned out on that one) and Rear Window.
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Originally Posted by jwjp View Post

Well I think I'm unaware of a lot of historical context, but I was left with a lot of unanswered questions. I enjoyed the scenes with the Rolling Stones, that was a really neat insight to the recording process. But what were the voice-overs? Were they relevant at all? "All about Eve"? Who was she? I can appreciate the "meta-ness" of filming a documentary team in a documentary style, and I can appreciate the stylistic choices of the woods and the yes and no answers, but it's still left me baffled. Although maybe that's the point? Does she represent hippy politics? And the militia in the junk yard - Black Power? That didn't feel explained. Why did they throw the guns all the way one way and then throw them all the way the other way? And the graffiti? And the magazine shop? It felt like 90% of the film went over my head shog[1].gif Hopefully someone can enlighten me.

Woops, I missed this before.

Her name is Eve Democracy. Her last name is not Republic, Totalitarianism, Liberalism, or Trade Unionism
She wasn't born in Stalingrad or Trafalgar (i.e. she - democracy personified - is not from the USSR or the UK), nor was she born at El Alamein. She was born in Budapest.
She was calling LeRoi Jones, Cassius Clay, H. Rap Brown, Stokely Carmichael, Eldridge Cleaver, Malcolm X, or Patrice Lumumba (and another, whose name I don't recognize).

I guess it's also important to understand that Godard made a lot of very explicitly Marxist films during this period of his career. More specifically, I think he was self-identifying as a Maoist by the time this movie was made. The shot at the USSR is most likely a result of the growing disillusionment that a lot of Western Marxists felt with the Soviets following the invasion of Hungary and, later, the Prague Spring.

The rest of the interview just explicates some of Godard's (rather standard for the time) views. I wouldn't necessarily call them "hippie," they're more like counter-cultural (e.g. the talk about marijuana and barbiturates, "free love," etc.)

Does that help explicate a bit?
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I always wondered how tongue in cheek the rest of the interview is after that first bit you quoted ... how much he's sort of poking fun at his own gleeful naïveté...

I know he said plenty of times he never read the books he quoted (not the Marxist ones, anyway) ...

Plus: someone tell me definitively whether Anne W's vandalist is also Eve Democracy -- (and whether those bits are pure documentary -- ie is she really defacing those walls, or are they licensed 'sets' to be repainted? Or is this [my guess] a further intentional blurring/questioning of nonfic/documentary).
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Thanks dwyhajlo, that's really helpful.
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Originally Posted by g transistor View Post

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Un Prophète - Jacques Audiard [2009]

I saw this a few years ago and fell in love. Everything is pretty much spot on...pacing, shots, soundtrack. Some of you probably may have seen it already but I recommend watching it again. It's on Sipang's list of French Films Required Reading. A great "gangster" movie but filled with lots of emotion and drama and action in just the right spots, interesting characters, and overall just a plain fun film to watch. Highly recommend.

My original choice was All About Lily Chou-chou which I will recommend you guys to watch if you can source it. It's a great Japanese film with an amazing soundtrack, but it is kind of a difficult watch in that it's very long and a little convoluted (as is a lot of Japanese cinema is, I feel) but nonetheless interesting. Plus, you can pretty much pause it on any frame and slap some random Japanese clothing brand on it to re-purpose it.

Great pick, I've seen it a couple times and people I've shared it with love it equally.

I see I'm next up to bat! Boy, I'm behind on all this shog[1].gif.

And where is this 'French Films Required Reading' you speak of?
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Originally Posted by snake View Post

And where is this 'French Films Required Reading' you speak of?

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Did someone delete Un Prophete :/
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Originally Posted by g transistor View Post

Did someone delete Un Prophete :/

I don't see it either. All I have is the subtitle file, Hana-bi, and some kind of Radiohead thing?
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Yeah I got a notification that someone removed it a few days ago but I couldn't upload it then. Figured whoever removed it would've been kind enough to reupload for everyone...
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had my snack in hand was all primed to watch it too.
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fucked missed hanabi and un prophete. ;(
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You (anyone) could try logging-in to your private drop box page and clicking 'restore' on the appropriate folder. That worked for me with an earlier film....
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Cool, thanks Noob. Restored it. Watch it if you haven't seen it, ya'll. It's good
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