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how do you desync specific folders?
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Click on the db icon on your taskbar > preferences > advanced > selective sync

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perfect, thanks!

i have two really good picks for mine (in 6 months), although they're not so much about film techniques as just neat topics. perhaps too low brow frown.gif
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Originally Posted by g transistor View Post

Noob, you are posting your movie soon? I will need..a lot of space.

It should be done in about three hours. The upload is 1.5 gigs, though I've found I require at least twice the space of the downloads to receive them.

Clearing the hidden drop box cache of old files should free up a ton of space, though. To do that (on windows xp, anyway), click start, then run, type in 'explorer', then enter, then, at the address bar on top, enter the path to your drop box folder (C:\DROP BOX\...whatever), and add \.dropbox.cache to the end. You might see a huge list of old files you can safely delete. (Try this before grabbing the current download).
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what's going on you've all confused the shah redface.gif

i still cant finish this movie. nobody else realizes the twitchy blinking ?? haven't the rest of you seen zatoichi O_o
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I'm so behind on this, shame on me.
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I´m glad people have been able to watch the movie, except shah nest.gif   I thought the upload hadn´t worked smoothly. I´ll post some thoughts on it tomorrow.


Elsewhere, should we be taking down some of the previous films? My dropbox was practically full with the last one....

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I'm finally catching up, but I won't be able to contribute til the weekend I think. Really liking Little Odessa from what I've seen so far, and I'm really excited to see what this "Entertainment" pack is. biggrin.gif
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haha noob you are awesome
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whoever dropped the music in there, thanks. Found a new band I like

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EDIT *** film now available ***
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Not entirely sure what I was expecting, but it certainly wasn't that puzzled.gif
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somebody reupload hanabi please? didn't get to finish watching. or pm me a public link from dropbox.

instead of labeling the entertainment pack by number it would be helpful if somebody labeled what the contents were
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