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AE and BB...questions

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First post, thanks all for the advice in advance...


Partially based on info from this forum - I made two purchases yesterday, and would like a little "comfort" on both.  Buyer's remorse perhaps...


1)  Been wearing Johnston/Murphy for four years, and I love these shoes.  BUT - I also know they are not technically speaking a "well built" shoe, and that they are a price-point item.  Just bought my first pair of Allen Edmonds yesterday (I got the Black Hills).   And WOW, obviously a step-up in several ways.  Question, though - my ("inexpensive") J/Ms have comfortable "padding" on the underneath of the tongue, and around the heel.  The new AEs are unadorned - plain - in those areas.  It IS a difference I can feel.  The insole is similar (in initial feel only, probably not in longevity or other....).  Is this just "how it is" with these shoes?  The AEs feel good - and look awesome - but my JMs feel GREAT, although again I've been wearing them for four years, and it's definitely showing.


2) I left the AE shop and headed to Brooks Brothers.  I did the 3/225 deal, which I know is a pricing nightmare (I should have waited for a sale), but price is not my issue.  I am only asking about the quality.  Last week, I got three Roundtree/Yorke Gold Labels for 18 each.  Yes, 18 - sale on top of presidents day sale with clearance.  I went over these two shirts - BB versus R/Y -  as close as my amateur eye would allow - and I didn't really see a reason to go BB, EXCEPT that the cotton itself is, perhaps, finer.  It's lighter, anyway.  And the fit - well - the BB definitely fits better, and LOOKS better on me at least.  Am I missing something in the quality "fine details" that make a BB worth 2 R/Y (excluding sales)?  The bb does not have a two piece yoke, while RY does, maybe unimportant.  These are the "Maylasia" BBs for what it's worth.  I opened only one, I can still exchange the other two BBs for BB?


I am hoping your responses are:


1)  The AE's will "break-in" real soon, and then feel like I'm walking on butter...and,

2)  The BB is at least marginally better than the RY, and HERE is why....?


Thanks again for your insights.

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1) Yes, they will break in. That being said, JM are generally more comfortable for my foot (not necessarily for others), but the jump in quality from AE to JM is generally worth the sacrifice. I still buy both.

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1. Wear the AE shoes a few times; they'll break in and will feel much better. One reason the J&M's might feel great is because they've had four years to be broken in and mold to your foot. Give the AE shoes a chance.

2. Honestly, 3 for 225 isn't a terrible deal for the BB shirts. Yes, of coure you can do better on sale, but they're good quality shirts. The cotton is better and they tend to last longer than most. I stopped wearing them because the fit of Charles Tyrwhitt ended up being much better for me, no other reason. I'd say the fact that the BB has nicer cotton, fits better and looks better on you is reason enough to justify the price. You can't put a dollar value on feeling better in your clothes.

EDIT: Welcome to SF.
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AEs have a layer of cork between the leather insole and the sole on the bottom. This will mold to your foot over time. It will not be soft, per se, but will take on the shape of your foot after a short time.
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Thanks, all, for the great input - that's exactly what i needed to hear!

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gsgleason's comment about the AE corkbed is important and true. To add, there are also AE models that feature a fixed cushioned insole while yet other models feature a removable cork insole; the latter of which are designed to accomodate custom orthotics. Futhermore, AE also offers a custom service for most of their models. It is possible that, should you like a specific model and wish to have it custom made for you with a fixed cushioned insole, it may be worth the extra cost and to inquire further with AE may be a good idea. Welcome to Styleforum shipcamein.
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If you like the padded insole of AE, you can always look at the AE for Brooks Brothers shoes. Most (if not all) of these models come with a padded (Poron) insole, which you may find more comfortable. My personal experience with padded insoles is that they may feel more comfortable when you first put them on (vs a leather insole), but through the course of the day, I find the firmer insole more comfortable.

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