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Grenson vs. ToBoot NY

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I'm in the process of upgrading my wardrobe and just ordered my first full-canvas MTM suit. Now time to make some progress on shoes.

Considering some brown cap toe oxfords with brogueing - idea is they are more stylish than the classic cap toe but more versatile than a full wingtip. Want to wear them with both grey and navy suits.

Right now I'm looking at Grenson's "Tom" style and the To Boot NY "Aaron" Oxford. Links below if that is allowed. Any thoughts on the relative quality or style of these options given the price difference? Or any suggestions for something better for the price? Keep in mind the best shoes I currently own are probably $200 Hugo boss slip-ons (Carl style).



Thanks in advance!
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I don't have any prior experiences with the ones you mentioned, but I would highly recomend a pair of Allen Edmonds instead. You can either get a pair from Nordstroms, or if ordering by the web you can always order directly from Allen Edmonds as they will ship for free and they accept returns if needed.


You can often find them on sale at Nordstroms, and it's possible to get secoonds for about $200. The good news is they are Good Year welted and Allen Edmonds will recraft them (new soles) which means you can end up wearing them for a very long time. However to do so I highly encourage you getting shoes trees and at least one other pair of shoes. Shoes last longer when they are given a chance to recover.



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If the price difference is no problem, go with Grenson. I don't know if To Boot has different ranges or what, but none of the shoes I've examined have seemed much nicer than Johnston Murphy/Cole Haans. I own two pairs of Grensons, and they are pretty nice.
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Grenson by a mile.

Toboot leather is plasticky shit.
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I think To Boot does a nice job for the price point. They are also more stylish / young than AE. Not that AE isn't a nice shoe, it obviously is, but I think their resoling program is overrated. Any cobbler can do the same thing to any goodyear welted shoe for a similar price.

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Thanks guys.

I'm probably wrong about this but I've always thought of AE as a little fuddy duddy... But then again I thought they were just slightly better than Bostonian until I actually looked into them - so what do I know.

I do like the slim profile of To Boot (I'm 26 and fairly slim), but long term ill probably be happier if I go with Grenson.
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