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Tie is not a requirement for the work I do. So I do not wear a tie much but I do keep a preppy casual look. I only attend classes at NYU once a week, but since I live near Union Square, I could tell you the style you described aren't that of a big deal. As you progress through your college years, you will most likely meet and hang out with those who have a similar style or taste as you. But since you are coming in as a freshman, the way you dress will give you the first impression points. Your grades will then help you maintaining those points. Freshman in NYU can be very superficial... just be yourself.
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Originally Posted by Chase H View Post

The best thing about college is that you really can wear whatever the fuck you want. You want to wear a suit? Go for it. Nobody will give a shit, and if they do, fuck 'em. 



 This man knows - just dress how you want to dress.  

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I'm a current junior in Boulder, Colorado. Like some others have said above, you can literally wear whatever you want, college is a more appropriate time than ever to do so. Out here, we have a mix of dirty hippie, hilariously overdone stereotypical frat, girls in sweatpants and uggs, and hipsters.


Find what suits you best. I have found my happy place to be a sort of "smart casual". Here's my usual getup:


Tops: Buttondown shirts in staple colors & patterns like white, blue, gingam, etc. For dressing down a bit, I wear henleys, white or grey t-shirts, thin sweaters, polo shirts, rugby shirts.


Outerwear: Harrington jackets, thicker sweaters (variety of necks including crew, v, and shawl), peacoats even though they are overplayed, camel duffle coat, barbour jackets, etc.


Bottoms: Usually just dark denim, chinos, corduroy, etc. Pressed, dressy trousers only for nicer occasions like dinners, dances, special evening events, etc.


Shoes: Plain white canvas sneakers, loafers, boat shoes, chukka boots, brown bluchers, some suede, and some nice leather fall/winter boots. Got Sorels for when its really snowy.


It's what most people my age consider well dressed, without coming across as "dadcore", dressing like an old man, dressing "too nice" ("why are you so dressed up?"), looking creepy like kids in trenchcoats over a black suit with a fedora, etc. I get a lot of inspiration from fall/winter casual americana style collections. Preppy stuff is also a pretty good start, once you get rid of the excessive "go to hell" pieces and go with more classic staples.


Here's an article that you might enjoy as well:


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Originally Posted by VanRitz View Post

I'm a current junior in Boulder, Colorado. Out here, we have a mix of dirty hippie, hilariously overdone stereotypical frat, girls in sweatpants and uggs, and hipsters.

You forgot trustafarian. And yes, I went to school there.
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Minus the unwashed greasy hair I'd go just sneakers,jeans,t-shirt and leather jacket and a mustang.

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....don't wear the tie. I didn't see many ties in grad. school, let alone college. Have fun with the college girls OP.

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Personally I cannot understand why you'd want to dress that formally when you don't have to. I wear a shirt and tie 4 days/week at work (no jacket) and dress well but IMO wearing a tie is not comfortable even if your clothes fit correctly. Today (Friday) is business casual and I am wearing jeans, a henley sweater and casual shoes. NYU may be preppier than some but if it were me I'd never wear anything but jeans or khakis, tee shirts, sweaters, hoodies and the like. Tennis shoes, boots and the like are much more comfortable than the best fitting dress shoes plus the fact that you will be outside walking from class to class in all kinds of weather.


You obviously like to dress well which is great so I would recommend you trend towards preppy meaning nice cotton slacks, quality sweaters and button down casual shirts and polos. A good leather jacket is invaluable as is a good raincoat.

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I can't speak to the culture at NYU (though the times I visited it was little hipster...) but I know at my school it would be very odd to see someone wear a tie to class. That said, I think kids at my school tend to dress better than the average college student. For reference, the average guy here wears an OCBD, chinos, topsiders and a barbour to class. When it gets cold, guys sometimes wear a sweater and a down parka. That said, that may not be the norm at your school, but honestly it doesn't matter. Wear whatever you want. I will say though, from my perspective, I wouldn't want to look like I was trying too hard with the yuppie thing (e.g. tie and sweater to class) and I'm generally opposed to ties and jeans together. 

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