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Washington, dc sales going on now

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Filene's: Today (June 9), they started a "father's day" sale. All suits and some blazers in the store are at least 25% off. Some are 40% off. Interestingly, the best suits/blazers are on the 40% off racks, including all the stuff from Bergdorf's and Barney's. Among 3 jackets I picked up was a 100% cashmere Luciano Barbera blazer and a great Colombo cashmere/silk/linen (50/30/20) casual jacket (both about 90% off the Bergdorf-Goodman's original retail price). Once again, Filene's has the best deals in town. Neiman Marcus: "First Call" sale starts today. 25-50% off tons of awesome shirts, pants, suits, etc. Kiton, Incotex, Oxxford, Borrelli, Charvet, T&A, etc. So, $270 Borrelli shirts that were marked down to $225 are now @$175. Still pricey, esp. compared to many Borrelli's (and Kiton's, T&A's, etc.) that can easily be found on EBay. I'm waiting for the "Last Call" sale, which should start in about 3 weeks I think. Saks: 25% off a decent amount of shirts/pants. Some Borrelli and Lorenzini shirts. Not as much stuff as NM. Allen Edmonds: Store on K Street -- 25% all discontinued models, starting today. Happy shopping
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Thanks for the info.  I presume that you are referring to the Saks/Neiman's at Mazza Gallerie and the Filene's on Connecticut Avenue.  Alas, having just purchased a home, my money will be going to Theodore's, the "Neiman Marcus" of furniture.
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waiting for Last Call before I visit... hoping Filene's will still be having a good sale and good items left...
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I was in Filene's this afternoon (Conn. Ave.). They don't have much at all left on the additional 40% off rack. I did, however, see a beautiful gray Luciano Barbera suit that is on sale for $600 (it still has the $3,000 Bergdorf price tag). Size 42 (52 European). It seemed to be the only one in the store. I also saw a size 46 black Corneliani Linea Sartoria suit on sale for $375 (there might be more than one--I didn't check very carefully). The good stuff certainly goes quickly. The first day of the sale I did manage to snag a beautiful cashmere Belvest sport coat for $250 ($2,400 Bergdorf tag) and a Sartoria Castangia sport coat for $150 ($1,300 Bergdorf tag).
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Seeing all these cheap prices compared to the retail pricings I wonder do the department stores take a monetary loss?
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I expect their markup (Bergdorf's, Barney's, N-M, etc.) is huge from what they pay the manufacturer, so they make money even at 50% off. Now, 75+% off, who knows. Also, I assume there are so many people who pay full retail that this makes up for any losses or decreased profits on sale items.
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