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The Good Fashion Blogs Thread

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It's cool to trash shitty blogs but I can only take so much schadenfreude before I start feeling empty inside. This is a thread where we post about good fashion blogs/tumblrs/...

Text, pic only or both, as long as they offer something interesting.

No how-tos, no GQs, no lookbook defectors, no brand whores.
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a list of ones i occasionally browse

i otherwise quickly grew tired of tumblr after operating one for a while. SH said this, which is somewhat representative of how i feel tho less angry about it
Originally Posted by StephenHero View Post

The benefit of tumblr is that all those curated expressions of sophisticated living get consolidated into the tastes of about five people in Brooklyn who do a pretty bang-up job supplying a few dozen washed-out photos of vintage American flags that people can endlessly re-blog.

edit: fuuma hacked my bookmarks
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Cotonblanc is one of the OG ones, lots of original (=scanned) content.

I often get bored of mine but I always go back to it in the end, pictures only tumblrs though...I don't know how people do it.

Some more
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I like organization. There are a couple of Helmut Lang ones like Hapsical is great obviously for anything to do with Raf. Bostonroll and are ok if you just want some pics. Shuitsang too for that matter. I like because he posts photos of collections I don't always see elsewhere.

Not fashion, but semiotic apocalypse is one of those photo blogs I can scroll through for like an hour at a time.
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cotonblanc is great. 

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For something more substantial

Syed's blog
(he mostly posts on SZ)

Highly recommended
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not really a 'fashion' blog, but i'm sure this will have some good stuff

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is that mikey in the middle?

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