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suit alteration?

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Is it easier/better to take a suit in or let a suit out? I have recently gained a little weight and want to buy a new suit. I have always had a broad chest/shoulders and bigger quads/butt. I plan on losing the weight, so what I want to know is...should I buy what fits now and take it in or buy a little tight and let it out? Thanks

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Can anyone help me out with some info on this please? 

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Generally It's easier to take it in because there is a limited amount of fabric to let out and it may not be enough to work with. Also, you probably shouldn't buy clothes in anticipation of future weight gain/loss so it'd be best to wait until you've lost that weight. But, if you must buy one now, buy the one that fits now and have it taken in when you've lost the weight.

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To answer your question: jackets generally don't have extra fabric to let out, so it is easier to buy a suit that fits now, and take in the side seams of the jacket later. Trousers usually do have some extra fabric to let out, however, it is just as easy to take them in (not too much though, 5-6 cm maximum, more would ruin the model and the proportion (think of the belt loops)).


However, I agree with Duk63. It is simply better to wait!


Good luck!

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