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the semi-unofficial **SHORTS & CROPPED PANTS** thread

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for those of us that live in places that get brutally hot during the summer or stay hot all year round, shorts (or cropped pants) are virtually necessary to survive. but it seems like there aren't really many options, and among those even fewer that actually look good. furthermore, it can be difficult to determine which ones will work well with your specific wardrobe. this will be a thread to share pictures of shorts for inspiration, with or without links to buy, and related ideas. i highly encourage people to try turning pants into shorts (or having a tailor do it for you).

my posts will mostly reflect my tastes, but all sorts of styles are welcome. the main goal is battling the heat and i'd like for it to stick *mostly* to lightweight pieces, but i know there will be exceptions. and while i discourage focusing too much on cheap, plain/basic shorts, all price-points are welcome (i.e. talking about uniqlo or similar brands is good, but let's try to keep it limited).

i'm not a huge fan of rick owens' pod shorts, but they're one of, if not the most popular pairs i can think of. 100% cotton at ln-cc in black.

and the camo version: Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

also at ln-cc, these 100% alcantara shorts by ava catherside look heat friendly. the fabric is interesting and worth a closer inspection on ln-cc...quite pricey though.

these siki im at antonioli are available for pre-order, but at a ludicrous price.

engineered garments isn't my go-to brand, but i wouldn't hesitate to buy these cotton floral pattern ones at e-g.co if they were my size (they're size 30). they look great and the price is actually good.

back to absurdly priced ones with these silk/cotton ann d shorts at luisaviaroma. other places stock them in different colors.

dries cotton camouflage shorts at très bien

i got these uru shorts at ln-cc last summer on deep sale and actually ended up liking them. they're the only shorts i currently own. i've had more in the past but this is really the only pair that i genuinely don't mind using in place of full-length pants. my only issue is that i wish they were ~1" longer, but it's a japanese brand and they probably weren't focusing on people over 6' tall.

this pair is pretty simple, but incorporated well into a fit. even if the weather was too hot to wear a jacket i think it would still probably look pretty good.

i got these ann d cropped pants from re-porter last summer and they're amazing. i'll probably post a fit wearing them in a month or two.

i've seen more good fits with shorts in the past but just never saved them. i'll come back and post other stuff later on but that's it for me for now. i don't want to make this my thread, so please contribute if you have something to share.
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Good thread. Need me some cropped pants as an alternative to shorts icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Those rick camo and the siki im pair are really good. If I was in a good place to buy now, and if summer wasn´t ending, I´d get  a pair of BBS shorts on discount at re.porter.


This pair.. not everyone´s cup of tea, most likely


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those last ann d ones look so good nod[1].gif

have loads of shorts that probably will look alright now that I have some nice sneaks, but should pick up some cropped lightweight trousers too, will post if I find something cool 

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This is pretty much my uniform in the summer. Geller cropped flight pants. Going to re-dye mine soon I think cause they're so faded.

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good thread bruh. I love my Blanc and Noir shorts that I have, but I wont be able to get anymore. rip. The engineered garments shorts I have are really good too, but I with they were like 1" longer

b&n, riri zips


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Kazuyuki Kumagai Attachment Sarouel Pants

Kiryuyrik Rider Shorts

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I struggle with summer, like most in SWD, I suspect.

Wish I hadn't sold my Geller cropped flight pants. Would really love a pair of the linen ones.

I picked up these Our Legacy shorts recently. Other than these usually just wear some Uniqlo chino shorts, when it's really hot out. Considering I live in the Bay Area, there aren't really that many days that really require shorts.

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Which brand of raw denim makes the best jorts? and do jorts fade nicely? 

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Originally Posted by brad-t View Post

Kazuyuki Kumagai Attachment Sarouel Pants Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

i like these. tempted to ask for a stockist but i know i won't like the price
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Price is about $300. Check my Attachment thread for stockists.
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^ poor fit and disastrous (not to mention incongruous) choice of footwear in that pic

super thin jersey cotton from ss12 will be my go-to this summer ... along with some hammer time from ss13 biggrin.gif
if i can get my hands on them !!
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I have these mhl by margaret howell in khaki. amazing.

garbstore has some nice shorts. so does rag & bone.
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Originally Posted by the shah View Post

^ poor fit and disastrous (not to mention incongruous) choice of footwear in that pic

They fit how they're supposed to and I actually like the Guidi hiking boots there. To each their own redface.gif
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^ comfort and what you like is #1 criteria for the shah smile.gif

BBS (rip-off of DD who did these best back in day) although they were really short on me for some reason, and a bit too shear uhoh.gif
coated fabrics

the later ss09 iteration DD ones in linen
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