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Crucial Life Decisions

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I'm at a good place now financially but time is not on my side.  I am faced with several options to focus on before I turn 30 and possibly focus on business school:


1.Career-work hard to gain a better position and acquire new skills

2.Social-work towards a serious relationship with a girl

3.Spiritual-Start boxing again so I can forget my athletic failures in high school that haunt me to this day.


I only have time for 2 out of the 3.  Most people would say the obvious choices are 1 and 2, but I feel incredibly alive when I'm training, and I know that if I win an amateur title I'll be at peace with myself.  Even if I don't win, maybe I can lay it to rest knowing that I went all the way.


Of course I want all 3 because I am afraid of:


1.Not being successful

2.Not meeting a classy, fun girl who loves me for who I am and not shallow things like looks or material things

3.Never being at peace with coming up short in my athletic endeavors in high school

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Life ends at 30.
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Originally Posted by SkinnyGoomba View Post

Life ends at 30.

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What the hell is wrong with you? I tried to provide some advice on the past thread, but you really are a mess.

1) No matter how much you make, others will make more
2) One penor, many hot chicks
3) I'm a nerd, we dont concern ourselves with physical activity (but seriously, if it makes you happy, schedule the time)
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Either a troll or a person with potential for ending up in a tower with an assault rifle, a copy of Dianetics by his side, and a six pack of Red Bull.
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needs moar emo.
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