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Help needed: Loake Mayfair / Capital last. Internet shopping.

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Hi folks,


Thank you for clicking into my thread. I appreciate any and all assistance you can provide.


With that in mind I will jump right into what I am asking for so as not to waste anyone's time. You might find what I am trying to achieve interesting though.


What I need:


I need someone who owns a pair of Loake shoes, specifically a style on the Mayfair or Capital lasts, to measure their shoe for me and then tell me what that measurement is as well as their shoe style and size. (So I know what width fitting they are.)


Ideally I would like the measurement to be in a spot that is unambiguous, such as the picture below (Fig 1.), and it would be preferable to have a measurement from shoes of size 9.5, 10 and 10.5 in both lasts.


Specifically I am interested the Dorchester and Aldwych but any F fitting shoe on a Mayfair or Capital last will suffice.


Fig 1. Measure from side to side at the precise point where the sole changes color.



How to get it right:


The best way to make this measurement is to sit the shoe on a piece of paper, mark the paper at the appropriate place and then measure the distance between the two points. This is important because it eliminates the impact of the soles curvature on the measurement.


Please be thorough in the information you provide. If you are willing to help me out make sure to include the style, size, value of measurement/s and information about where and how the measurement was taken. (Another technique is to mark the paper with a slim metal object, letter opener/bread knife or even a pin, then measure. This is generally more precise.)



What I am trying to achieve:


As it is impossible for me to physically try on a shoe in the specified lasts, or anything from the 1880 collection, I intend to use the information you have provided in order to assess my size and style requirements.


I have taken precise measurements of my foot, see Fig 2. below, and then taken a photo of the image.With your measurements I will use an image editing program set to display in mm's and make images of the shoes to a specific scale.


With the image of my foot also to scale I will then be able to compare the shape and size of the last with the shape and size of my foot.


I will perform this process from a top down, or bottom up, perspective as well as from the side. Checking as I go if the shoe suits my foot in key areas such as distance between medial and lateral knuckles, placement of medial and lateral knuckles relative to heal and shoe height at various places.


You might think I am crazy for even considering this and you just might be on to something. Regardless I am going to proceed with my plan and even if you disagree your help would be greatly appreciated and very useful.


Thank you for your time and effort.



Fig 2. Dimensions of foot, bottom up. (Larger of two, end of day.)

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Hi BeginnersLuck


I don't have time today to measure my shoes, but I own the 1880 Buckingham and the 1880 Savoy. The Buckingham is an 'F' in the Capital and the Savoy is an 'F' in the Mayfair. I decided to buy both shoes at the same time in size 7 (UK).


The Savoy is definitely a longer shoe - quite obvious in the picture. Perhaps a smidge thinner through the body too. The Buckingham is a good shoe.


My advice would be to size down half a size in the Mayfair last. I wear a 7 UK in just about everything, except the Savoy is just a smidge long and hence, I need to wear slightly thicker socks. So the Capital last is pretty true to size. So in short, the widths of the lasts do not vary, maybe by a couple of MM, but not much. The length of the lasts do vary!

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Thanks for your feedback Michael Sy, it agrees completely with everything I have found out so far.


Working with information from this thread it looks like the Mayfair last will suit the shape of my foot in a 9.5.


If I have done the measuring in pretty much the same spot that is, there is no way for me to tell. It concerns me that at that size the shoe seems to fit well but there is ~3cm between my big toe and the end of the last which is about double the maximum recommended.


I would be willing to go with the Aldwych on Capital, even though I prefer the sleek Dorchester, but I have no quantitative data so I can only make approximations.


I will try scaling a Capital last based on the width values of my scaled up Mayfair and see what that gets me, even if it is only informative of shape I guess that's something.


I thought I had found the solution to my problem after reading this but it seems like afinepairofshoes has slimmed down their range since that post was made.

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