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Originally Posted by Quadcammer View Post

lol, you wear those things and call Tyrwhitt shirts poor.

talk about cognitive dissonance.
^^ a high quality all leather through sole and heal by my cobbler will sort out the defect in the Barkers: no such luck with a Tyrwhitt shirt wink.gif

You could rightly criticise my taste in socks.
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Originally Posted by Hacking jacket View Post

Here's my Barker's Flex, with charcoal Armani pearl windowpane pants and Burlington socks.


Point is the shiny front and rear 'caps' and the connecting matt soft leather minimising creasing. They are a perfect fit and its not a bad concept in shoe design.




Is it just me, or do this shoes look a little big on your feet?

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Originally Posted by katastrofa View Post


Is it just me, or do this shoes look a little big on your feet?

There're a good fit (big feet). Good value? No, but its a really good thread.

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In my humble oppinnion I always had good experiences with Barker shoes. The quality actually went up in the last couple of years (for standard models) but as a rule I stay away from fashion forward lines like Barkeflex so I can't comment on their quality...

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I've a pair of Barkers which are also very well made indeed. 


However, I've just had a pair of black Oxfords returned from the cobblers (Barkers) with the same problem, compressed cardboard in the heal. Both pairs are less than 6 months old, likely a very recent development.


A through sole and heal, with high quality German leather is £70 - 75 + £170 for the shoes = ~£250 per pair. Value?


Here's Flex with (slightly) more acceptable socks (Thomas Pink):





Here's the straight Oxfords for comparison:


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I have a pair. I had to get them resoled when I walked a hole in them (granted they had pretty hard environment - Japan during rainy season) but have been fine since. They fit me really well and I like the styling.
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Since I posted a pic in the WAYWRN thread today, I might as well throw the same picture in here

These are the Barker Lincoln I talked about earlier in the thread. They are from the "Hand-grade" collection and as I said, cost about £220 when i bought them three years ago. They have held up well, the leather is perhaps not top notch, but definitely not corrected grain either. They take a shine spectacularly on the toe cap, but the vamp is rather creased (that's where the leather quality is most obvious, probably also because the are a little wide for me). Soles and heels have held up well, no re-soling yet despite rather frequent wear. Quality is on par with what I paid and I would recommend the shoes as a good entry level shoe for someone new to bench made shoes.
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Originally Posted by Pingson View Post

Since I posted a pic in the WAYWRN thread today, I might as well throw the same picture in here


Look great for their age and excellent value.

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Barker probably saves a penny or two as they have the leather cutting operations of most of their "UK made"shoes done in India. I can't comment on how this effects the quality, if at all, but just putting the facts out there.
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I have just been to Churches Reagents Street London and can now answer the question about the compressed cardboard heels: The sales rep said "TAKE THEM BACK!"

Top range Churches cost £365 and come in a variety of widths (which I need) AND for £90 you get a COMPLETE genuine Churches through sole and heel, stitched welt, precisely as an original shoe! Part of the inner support in Churches is metal and no wood.

For the vast difference in quality the difference in price is minor.
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Here's the classic Oxfords, after a fair amount of wear. The construction is disappointing but the uppers seem okay and they certainly hold their shine.

[DuChamp 'Butterfly Plains' socks (I have garish taste) and Ralph Lauren BL chalk stripe flannel suit.]

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Anyone who has the chance to go to the Barker factory shop in Earls Barton will have their eyes opened as to the quality of the Indian-sourced leather that is used for a lot of the shoes. The "seconds" choice is very large, most of the faults being helpfully pointed out by marks made by the staff. Full of insect holes ! Shame, it used to be such a reliable name. I wouldn't bother looking at them anymore, after having had problems with the soles of two pairs bought over the last 4 years. Barker Black seem very good.
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I've owned two pairs of Barker shoes in the handgrade range, and quality wise, they are superior to Loake and compare very well to C&J benchgrade.  They are a mass market brand, they try to please everyone but there is no question that they make the best value for money goodyear welted shoes in the UK.


Try them on before you buy though, their sizing is all over the shop and they (literally) have 100's of lasts.

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Originally Posted by appoooh View Post

I've owned two pairs of Barker shoes in the handgrade range, and quality wise, they are superior to Loake and compare very well to C&J

Completely agree.

As for Indian sourced leather and all that, I happen to know that's complete BS. They only have one line of shoes 'Barkers international' made in India. Everything else including barker black is made in their earls barton uk factory and the leathers are not indian.

The confusion arises from assumptions.

1) Barker is indian owned a bit like jaguar & range rover cars.
2) Some other Northampton makers like Grenson do outsource work to India for some of their lines.
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I asked Herring shoes about this and they confirmed most Barker shoes have the uppers clipped in India, albeit from European hides.

I also asked Barker direct about this and they were eerily silent.

You can believe what you want to believe but I don't see any reason why Herrings would lie and they probably know a bit more about it than you or I.
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