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Trend corneliani

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I picked up a cotton Trend Corneliani suit a couple of weeks ago at Loehmann's. I was pretty impressed by the construction on this suit. The trousers have side tabs and brace buttons, no belt loops. The coat has a fused front and canvas lapels, with pick stiching on the lapels. I haven't been in a Polo store lately--are their blue label suits done at the Trend Corneliani-type quality level? If so, it seems like they would be a fair (not good) value at their current sale prices, though I'd probably be able to have my HK tailor make a better suit for a couple hundred more. On a separate note, does anyone know the price range on the Corneliani MTM suits?
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I've tried on Corenlaini and Polo blue in succession just this week, and I think I detected very thin fusing on the Polo. It was not very noticeable, but when I pinched the suit front, as per instructions culled from this very forum, the Polo fabric was slightly thicker and the backing felt smoother when rolled between my finegrs. The Corneliani felt the same thickness as the sleeve fabric. The Saks salesman swore that the Polo is canvas, though.
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I thought I've heard/read that Polo Blue Label is fused, but MTM is not. Can someone confirm this?
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The Trend Corneliani I got is half-lined, so you can easily see the "guts." It is half-canvas as it definitely has a fused front but has canvas lapels--you can see the stitching on the back of the lapels. I'd expect the RTW blue labels to be made either this way, or with fused lapels in addition to the fused front. That's what I'd like to know--whether they are half canvas or totally fused.
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Polo blue label is fused, with canvas stitched lapels. Not worth the money, though at maybe 450 - 500 not a bad deal. A great silhouette IMO.
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retro, corneliani mtm starts at about $1200. i like the latest polo silhouette as well. i might pick one up if i can find one at 50% off or so. the new zegna "z" line has a similar shape and a slightly lower price. i'm guessing the zegnas have flat front pants and a 7" drop, which i'd prefer. (i've tried on a jacket but not the pants.)
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Thanks, matador. Yeah, for $1000 the blue labels don't seem like a good deal at all, but they do have a very cool silhouette. At the sale prices just under $700 they look a bit more attractive, but even at that price point I have difficulty pulling the trigger on any half-canvas RTW suit when the basic WW Chan suits are about $750. $500 would be a hit for me. My curiosity about Corneliani-made products was piqued by my new suit, perhaps I'll check out their main line. Or just have Chan take a crack at making a duplicate . . .
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I liked most everything about the Polo sillhuette except the shoulders - a little too narrow, at least for me, such that the overall effect seemed unbalanced: narrow shoulders and a flaring skirt. Corneliani has two models (at least at Saks): the 'spencer', with a medium shoulder but squarish body, and the 'vogue', with a big shoulder but trimmer, more well defined body. Now, if they were to combine the spencer shoulder and the vogue body, they might have something going...
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