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Shoes w/ casual black suit?

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New styleforum member, but long-time reader.


I'm going to vegas for a bachelor party, a mid-30's group of guys, one of the last bachelor parties in our group and everyone is excited... amongst other things, we're going to be hitting some of the swankier clubs, etc., while there, and I thought this is a perfect opportunity to wear my black RLBL cotton two button suit, with the flat front pants w/ side tabs & no belt.  


I was thinking of just wearing it with a trim button down w/ the collar open, no tie, and a pair of shoes, but I got stuck here.  I have a few options, and wanted to hear from people w/ great taste.  I'll list in order of most casual to most dressy.


black "pull-up" leather Car Shoe driving shoes, with somewhat sturdier studded rubber soles than the usual through-leather studded soles.



bass weejuns for jcrew black penny loafers



plain black captoe balmorals w/ a rubber sole from a made-for-gilt testoni line



black cap-toe tassle loafers w/ danite soles from paul stuart "stuart's choice" line (grenson). 


Couldn't find a pic of these.  These are great shoes but not sure where they fit on the spectrum.



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The weejuns would be my choice. Driving shoes are just too casual for any type of suit IMO and oxfords are too formal. Tassel loafers could work too. Personally I'd wear black monk shoes.
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I agree with @Matt S, I think the weejens are by far the most appropriate choice. I actually like the driving shoes too but they are a little informal. As for the balmorals, I think they look far cheaper than they are and look like boring office worker shoes.

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Thanks for the feedback everyone, and I will keep my eyes open for a great pair of monks, I agree that would be perfect for a suit like this.
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