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Brief Boxers

Poll Results: Brief Boxer

  • 75% (3)
    Tight fitting
  • 25% (1)
    Lose fitting
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What style of Brief Boxer do women like on a man best, tight fitting? Or lose fitting? and favorite color?

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rule of thumb for ANYTHING, Tight if ur ripped, Lose if ur not. for boxer briefs, just make sure the tight ones have ample space for ur junk.

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I'd recommend going with a trunk cut over the boxer brief - it's a bit more square in it's look vs the slightly longer leg of the b.brief.  I've been using these for working out / HIIT / Lifting and they're solid.:




Adidas 360 Trunk


Also, I think loose for out of shape and more fitting if you're cut isn't bad advice.  Also, if you're wearing slim / lightweight pants like dress trousers the last thing you want is underwear that's bunching / riding up.

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For the love of God, don't buy your briefs to suit a woman. Buy them for your comfort and support. If those two things overlap then great! If you're heavy, don't get boxers that will make you look heavier. Getting the feedback from a snugger fight might even encourage you to drop a few.


I love Adidas Climalite boxer briers. They come in at under $8/pair from JC Penny online and have lasted through marathon seasons and lots of gym work. I wear em under business casual clothes, with jeans, basically everywhere, and they are invisible.

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