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Any clothing you tend to stay far away from?

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I stay away from over sized logos on any shirt.  I do not need a fist size image of a horse.


It just looks like trash.

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overbranding, I tend to stay away from.

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I don't like buying clothes that are horizontally striped.

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I stay away from anything with words, pictures, or logos on it.  Patterns are ok.

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Sandals. My gnarly feet and toes were just not meant to be exposed to the public. Plus I never found them appealing, even designer ones. 

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Skinny, slim jeans. They look like leggings on me. More than 30 years of exercising (no way weightlifting, bodybuilding etc, just real sports) left their marks on my thighs and calves.


I can't wait until the skinny-jean-hype is over. It pisses me off so badly that the most well made jeans are skinny or slim.

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  • Short sleeve button ups are the worst thing in the world in my eyes. Especially tucked in with a tie (think, "Falling Down" with Michael Douglas". 
  • Black clothing. I don't own any black shirts. One black tie. No black suit jackets. Some black slacks from way back in the day.
  • Split toe shoes.
  • Most, if not all house-brands
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+1 on visible branding
+1 with short sleeve buttoned shirts

I'll also throw in polo shirts.
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Most bright pastel colors. They look awful when I tan. 

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Earth colors or anything yellow.
varsity jackets
anything drop crotch
tees with loose neck lines
ring belts
short scarves
belted cardigans
burnished leather
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Everything that's supposed to be tucked in your pants. Tucking in a shirt feels like strait jacket for me.

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anything v-neck
wearing blazers casually
any kind of visible pocket square or hankerchief
obnoxious branding or huge patterns (I'm looking at you, givenchy)
peacoats or chesterfields
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Visible branding.

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I tend to stay a bit away from



huge scarves or echarpes

torn denim

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