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Wearing pants out

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Hi: I have thick legs, and often my pants get worn out at the point of contact between the two legs just below the crotch area (at the inner thigh). For a time I was using what was known as a crotch liner and that I think helped, however I dont for the life of me understand how, as the wearing out was at the outside of the pant ( i think) and that would only contribute to thickness and exacerbate the problem aside from being uncomfortable. Anyone know how this can be avoided? Thanks in advance. JJF
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FIHTies: I posted the same question over  a year ago.  The consensus seemed to be that guys with big legs wear their pants out....I still hold out hope that the gifted tailor I meet after I win the lottery will have some heretofore unknown clever solution.;hl=bic
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Same problem here. There is a tailor in San Francisco, Jon Minor, who is very good at adjusting the seat of the pants so that it fits perfectly. The pairs that he has worked on for me wore MUCH less in that area. So proper tailoring will go a long way.
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Or how about Taps...Thigh taps like on shoes......(although I would avoid going with metal there). Nah...Maybe not... Such a shame though, cause on an expensive suit it really hurts to watch the pants go... Bic: checked out that post, thanks. I am kind of wondering what the possibility is that a crotch /walking lining can help? I mean it would only increase the already ample size there. So if it makes obviousely no sense why is it even suggested?
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I used to have patches (from the same material as the pants) sewn on the inside of the thigh. I also realized that pants that are tight in the thighs wear out sooner because they rub more and especially because they tear when the fabric gets thin. And the Atkins diet has helped my problem as well :-)
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Maybe if you have lining in the problem area the lining stays with your leg and slides against the fabric, so the fabric doesn't have to move as much, as opposed to your leg moving the fabric against the other side every step you take. Many (most?) linings are sewn to the inseam; however, if you were to line it so the lining could move against the inseam at that point, it would help prevent wear. A roomier pair of pants that wouldn't need to move as much might help in the same way.
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I see your point. The less there is down there, the better. My boxers also wear out in the same place....Perhaps we should go commando? When I bought a truckload of suits after graduation ($100 suits at the outlet), the man who did the alterations put a "walk lining" into the trousers. I think the idea was that the leg would slide against the nylon (?) lining rather than sticking to the suit fabric and causing undue wear. Leg on nylon is better than worsted on worsted. Can't really say that I noticed any greater longevity though. I am curious as to Mr. Harris' comment regarding adjusting the seat of the pants because the only fix anyone has offered me is some version on this lining. Perhaps I need to communicate more the next time I have a mtm suit made. Bic
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The key seems to be that the crotch fits right - which means fairly high and according to the curve of your seat.
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OK.  Here is what I noticed.  I got alot more pilling on a single pleated pant than on my double pleats. (Flat front is just obscene on me and out of the question.) This would be blamed on the less movement/less pilling.  Not that it needs more explaining as its obvious that less movement means less pilling as its less friction, however what I meant to bring out is that with a wider pant you will get less movement as the leg moves freely *within* the pant and doesnt move the pant. I guess that makes the case for kilts... (aside from the heat factor). JJF
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Ah, but with the kilt it is your actual legs that would rub together and wear out. Not a good mental image...
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Ah, but with the kilt it is your actual legs that would rub together and wear out. Not a good mental image...
Should that be the case we can go full circle as I would finally be able to wear pants without them rubbing out. Sounds like a plan. JJF
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