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Unlined Chukkas

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Hello, what´s the difference in wearing unlined chukkas vs. lined. C&J has an unlined chukka that I like, but I am not sure if this could be some kind of a problem in the long run or a downgrade in quality construction.

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I'd say that the difference is durability vs. comfort. The unlined is more comfortable (especially in the summer), but not as durable in the long run. Otherwise, I've noticed no difference in the quality of that particular chukka. (I own two pairs. The pound slid some more yesterday after the FOMC minutes, so perhaps it is time to buy another in a different color! biggrin.gif).

The only caveat is that the UK version is a D fitting, which is quite narrow, but a plus for me. From the photos, I believe the version at Barney's is the E-width version, relabled D for the American market.
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Both are GY welted inferior construction. The difference lies in the upper; unlined wears cooler and softer.

I have not lived long enough to wear through a pair yet, but both should last quite a long time with proper care and rotation.
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I have both lined & unlined C&J Chukkas. They are equally great. I agree that unlined are a bit more comfortable but I can't imagine somehow wearing them out due to their lack of lining. Personally I bought the unlined first as they were on sale at a great price. A year later it was the lined pair that were on sale so I grabbed those.

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Ok, thanks a lot,  C&J are always going to be good quality. What about a cheaper brand lining vs. unlined? 

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Alden flex welt unlined chukka is amazing. Unlined all the way
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Ok Audley. Not on topic, but is that your name?? I almost choked when I saw your post. Audley IS my name - honest.
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Also named Audley

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That´s a coincidence. I took my nick out of the C&J model, I love that model. My real name is frank

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I had no idea they name shoes after me! Guess I better get a pair!!
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