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Hugo Boss suit name

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Could anybody explain what's the sense of Hugo Boss suit names like "Huge1 / Genius1", "The Hour1 / Sharp3" etc.

Recently I tried a suit "The James4 / Sharp6" and wanted to find it online, but there are different suits with that name puzzled.gif


So, can I buy a suit online with the same name as I tried (but another material or color), and be sure that the suit will look exactly the same?

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I believ one is the jacket fit (James) and the other is the pants fit (Sharp).  Not sure what the numbers following James and Sharp mean.  Theoretically, the fit should be the same provided its the same size that you tried, but who knows.

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Another question I have is whats the difference between Pasolini and Paolini? Anyone know.

The former is very popular here at places like Macy's, Nordstroms, etc. the latter to me is basically the same thing without the S. it says Made in Turkey at least one I saw at the Rack. It was marked down and fit well, like Pasolini does for me, but didnt buy scared its some cheap quality version.

Thanks if anyone has an answer.
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One name is for the jacket, the other name is for the pants. 

The numbers are for the fits (Classic, Modern, Slim, Extra Slim) and details(material, venting, etc) 


It's quite hard to memorize what's what, since they also seem to add new things every now and then.

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Sorry to bring up an old thread, but do any of the numbers correspond to the material colour? I've had a suit jacket stolen and since it was a gift, I'd really like to replace it for sentimental reasons. However, it's impossible to determine the fabric colour from the tag? At least for me.





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There is a 3 digit number on the tag that indicates the colour of the garment, e.g. 001=black, 021=charcoal grey. The higher the number within the colour range, the lighter the colour.

000s Blacks
100s Whites
200s Browns
300s Greens
400s Blues
600s Reds

However, for the same number, the colours of different garments only exactly match within a collection; when comparing garments from two differrent collections, the same number may only result in an approximate match.

If you know German, you could read this:
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Thanks Diplomat,


So would that be the 059 on these pants? They're a light and somewhat solid grey.




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Yes, 059. This would be about mid to light grey.
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You are essentially looking for item 50175354 (Amaro/Heise) in colour 059.

Amaro (jacket), Heise (trousers).

Will not be easy to find. Seems to be an older collection.
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Brilliant, thanks so much.


Now if only online retailers used color codes...

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"The James/Sharp" is the jacket name / trouser name as mentioned above.  "The James1/Sharp3" vs "The James/Sharp" shows a first revision of the specs in the jacket against the original and the third revision of specs on the trousers against the original.  They don't necessarily mean tighter/shorter but it's generally the case.  This translates to any jacket/trouser combination.


In Boss all jackets currently fit under one of four overall "shades":


Comfort fit: Pasolini/Movie, Edison/Power, etc  (jacket name starts with P or E)

Regular fit: The James/Sharp, The Keys/Shaft, etc (jacket is named "The" anything)

Slim fit: Huge/Genius, Darrington/Knight (jacket name starts with H or D or N)

Extra slim fit: Ryan/Win (jacket name starts with R)


Tailored line replaced Boss Selection and is half canvas with their own jacket/trouser names.  I've seen older jackets like Rossellini and Scorcese for sale on ebay but know that these pieces are ancient and haven't seen production in years.  Worse still is any jacket named after a scientist (Einstein or da Vinci, for instance) as they are an even bigger cut that comfort called classic and are giant, outdated, and are 100% old (mid 2000s or earlier).  ebay buyers beware...


As for Pasolini vs Paolini, one is for normal production, one is outlet specific.  The other outlet specific jackets are The Grand, Halsey, and Inwood.  Quality is the same, they just skimped on some of the embellishments like pen pockets, etc.

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