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Help choose an inexpensive top coat - fit and style

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I am need of a top coat as I have never owned one before and have a few business trips upcoming requiring suits and it is still very cold where I live. So my choices are freeze and just wear the suit jacket (did that in Chicago in late November, not pleasant), keep wearing my dark brown peacoat (does not look good), or spring for something new, but my budget is no more that $130.  I don't have time to go thrift/ebay hunting so I am looking for something new and picked up 3 different options from various retailers under my budget.

I would appreciate the forum's opinion on fit and style of each:


Option 1 - Hart Schaffner Marx - Charcoal - Wool/Cashmere (90/10). My favorite in terms of length and character, and the quality seems bettter than other options.  Two things I am not sure about though - should the sleeve length be a bit longer?  And what do people think of pick stitching on a semi-formal topcoat?






Option 2:  Izod - Charcoal - Wool/Nylon  (80/20) - Quality seems ok for price.  Color is pretty good.  Sleeve length seems more where it should be.






Option 3: Michael Michael Kors - Black Wool/Nylon (80/20) - Longest of the group; not a plus to me.  Black is also less flexible and combined with the length makes it something that would be formal only for me.  Also has a tendency to protrude in the front at the bottom.  Don't know if that would relax.






I think I would like to keep the HSM, but I wondering what my options are for the sleeve length.  Is it fine?  Have it lengthened (is this possible with an overcoat)?  The coat is a 40R which seems fine in the chest. How much length would changing to a 40L add?

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the izod looks good.... but you should really try it with a suit under the jacket

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I did have a jacket under the suit.  It is dark navy 2 button so you just can't see much of it.

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Gentlemen - Any thoughts on the HSM coat sleeve length (option 1 above)?  Too short or ok?  I did a bunch of searching for the topic and most people seemed to state the coat should reach the base of the thumb or be the same length as your shirt sleeve.  It fits me just shorter than that as can be seen in the 1st photo in the OP, but I don't think it look bad per se.  It is longer than than my suit jacket.

If it is too short is my best trying to exchange for a 40L vs. the 40R I have now or could a tailor lengthen an inch?  I would just try exchanging but a 40L is not available right now.

I am not quite at this level, but this doesn't look bad to me.




Any help appreciated,

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