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Many standards of sophistication. I find many of the recommendations in the "top 5" and "scent of the day" threads very noteworthy.

For a bridge between the sort you mentioned, try Bvlgari's parfum. The women's one, not por homme.
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Originally Posted by amar View Post
Not sure how much CdG 2 Eau de Toilette to spray on. It seems to wear off really quickly on me, which is weird since several reviews consider it long lasting.

I´ve been using three sprays or so around the neck area. Not enough?

Don't spray it so close to your nose, you might be getting olfactory fatigue. Try it one day only on your wrists and see if the scent lingers.
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Baron dandy.
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Aqua Di Gio is a great one

But am a big fan of CUBA, plus it looks like a cigar:
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Acque di Gio was kind of fun back in 95 but not so much anymore. Plus the op specifically said he was looking for the oposite. My recommendations/current favorites: Every Day: Creed Aventus (or) Dior Homme (or) Tom Ford Grey Vetiver Winter: Tom Ford Tuscan Leather (or) Amouage Memoir Man Formal: Tom Ford Moss Breches (or) Richard James Seville Row (or) Channel por Monsieur <edit> it looks like this post is 3 years old so hopefully op found what he was looking for
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What would you suggest right now? What about Hanae Mori (check here)? All you suggest here is from 2010, I am sure that we now have some better products... And sorry mods that I bump this old thread, but I must do that after I find it :D

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I recommend Armani Code, also Armani Aqua di Gio


I find the Polo series to be all sophisticated. I wear Polo Black often. It has a complex smell and is also safe to wear. I do get compliments on it


for a nice clean and fresh scent I recommend Prada Luna Rossa.

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Take advantage of sample bottles. This allows you to try a scent without making a huge investment (usually you can get them free) and then you’ll be able to test them properly one by one. If you want to know more about them or if you need more recommendations, try checking at
I personally recommend  Bvlgari Aqua. Hope this would help you. Good luck on choosing.

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Great resurrection!
Originally Posted by L'Incandescent View Post


Originally Posted by Master-Classter View Post

WTF, you revived a 3 year old thread asking for personal rec's to say that?

Sheet, I got about halfway through and then realized. Uh!

jeez, learn how to internet people

PS - my rec would have been to try some guerlain's

Does Guerlain make Drakkar Dynamik? If so, then I agree with your recommendation.

If I had found this thread, I would have revived it just to make that recommendation. That's how good Guerlain Drakkar Dynamik is.

Do y'all have any recommendations for an alternative for Guerlain Drakkar Dynamik since the European Union has banned the used of apple bear claws?
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