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Stupid question for the day

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Ok guys, this has been driving me crazy lately. What is the proper pronunciation of Kiton. I will attempt to spell out phontically which methods I have heard. Kit-ten, Key-tin, kit-on, ki-ton, key-ton, key-tone, ki-tone, etc... What is your takes on this issue. Maybe next we can do Isaia. -Andy
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Key-tone but don't make the 'o' sound too round. Isaia-EE-sigh-ee-yah
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are you english? i've noticed that the english generally have little regard for the proper pronunciation of foriegn words, so i congratulate you for caring (if you are english). one beautiful thing about italian and spansh is that everything is spelled just the way it sounds, with the exception of "gi" making a "j" sound in italian and the "h" being silent in both languages. there are other exceptions but the vowel sounds don't change. if you can pronounce "milano", you can pronounce "kiton". actually, it's not a dumb question because i read somewhere that kiton is actually a greek word that the founders liked. if it were were italian, the accent would be on the KI sound, but seeing as how the word is greek, the correct way might be to say kiTON.  any greeks out there who can answer this question?
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Nope I am a Yank, but I didn't know Kiton was a greek word, what does it mean?
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kiton is the italian corruption of chitone, which is greek for a robe like tunic
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