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Making Bespoke Shoes!

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This is my first post on this forum so I'm looking forward to seeing what others are doing and sharing my own experiences with bespoke footwear! 


These are my first attempt at making a bespoke pair of shoes with no previous experience of shoe/leather work. Everything is made from scratch apart from the fake welt as I only had 15 days to make them. 


Unfortunately I only had a few choices of last shapes and this one was the closest (but by no means perfect) option. I think it has given them an unfortunate "bowling shoe" aesthetic. 


I'm currently looking for further training or apprenticeships so would appreciate any info or experiences any makers on here  have had with the industry.


Look forward to your thoughts and comments!





MyShoe1.jpg 4,693k .jpg file





MyShoe3.jpg 5,199k .jpg file
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I have reduced the enormous file sizes of your photos for you.

For a first attempt and given the criteria you have stated, I find them to be charming. These would work well with cords. Well done. I am sure your next pair will be far better and we look forward to seeing futire installments. Welcome to Styleforum William.

Check out these threads by Shoefan:[]=758

He has been very generous in sharing his own adventures.

MarcelHun is another member who makes bespoke shoes.
Here are some threads of interest to you.[]=14761
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I really appreciate the links you sent, although sad to hear that Marcel had to leave the forum! There are SOOOOO many things that I must improve upon with my next pair, especially the stitching! I was using an old motor powered singer machine but think I will opt for using a hand crank version for more accuracy and control in the future. Do you know of any good tutorial threads or blogs that I could follow?


Oh and thanks for scaling the images, much appreciated! I wasn't sure why the images weren't showing up on the post :)

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I was unaware that Marcel had left us or why. Hopefully some of the other members will ring in for you.
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they look good. great combination of material.  does the cloth go all the way to the toe underneath the leather or does it stop on the edge by the fringe, if so is it stitched? my worry would be that point and maybe the fringe would eventually curl on you, no?

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From what I saw I'm pretty sure Marcel left? Apologies if I've got confused. 


The tweed doesn't go all the way over the foot as the shoe would probably have got too hot/sweaty, wouldn't have taken long for them to start smelling and ultimately I think the tweed would have ripped. Instead the tweed stops about 10mm past the leather edge and is just stitched to the upper as usual. I have lined the whole inside with a thin leather to ensure no interior curling or rubbing happens at the material joints.


Not sure If I read your question right? If you were referring to the upper leather curling up and away from the shoe I've not had any problems so far, the gimped edge isn't very deep so there isn't much leather to curl (hopefully).


Will keep you posted if it does eventually start lifting though. Glad you like the leather & tweed combo!

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