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Shocked by new tailor in Sydney (Zimma)

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Dont know if I'm overreacting on this but I was absolutely shocked at how a sales assistant handled my presale question.

This is in reference to a new tailor that opened in Sydney called Zimma.

They have a web presence maintained by the complex they are in (or sort of, they are near the Ivy which is run by Merivale On the site they list they they are opened until 8pm on a Thursday. I took time out during work at 6pm (I work in banking so 6pm is actually about half way through my day) to check it out to find a "back in 5 mins" style sign at the door. I waited half an hour before giving up.

I called up the next day to ask them their actual opening hours and related what happened yesterday. The sales assistant didnt apologize and just said they close whenever they dont think there is anyone else there. I told them that their website says that they close 7:30pm today and I could jump in at 7. He said that I should come by and if they are open then they are open and if not, then they are not. I pressed on saying that I could be there at 7 in anticipation that he would say something along the lines of "ok well if you will be here, we will wait". Instead he gave me exactly the same answer.

This is just appalling right? There is no way they are going to get my business...
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Sales assistant is a "truth-teller" with
no future in retail sales.
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Just go somewhere else: having no customers is something which might teach them a lesson.
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Avoid then. Plenty of other tailors in Sydney.
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I agree with the previous posters, bad customer service should be a deal breaker.

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