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Nobody makes a good 100% cotton henley in tall sizes frown.gif
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On the fence between Homespun and one of The Real McCoy's new henleys at BiG. Anyone here own both?

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Originally Posted by maxucho View Post

Do these fit true to size? The chest sizes on the smallest size (29-31!) are way smaller than one would expect would ever be offered.


they are slim but i don't think 29-31" is accurate lol.  that's tiny.


i'm 5'-8", 145, 37" chest approx.  i like the fit of the mediums.  they shrink a little bit in the washer/dryer.


it looks like JCrew has partnered with Homespun.  might have to check out one of them.

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About 120 euros for the basic ones when they go on sale, to about 300 for the shirts / more elaborate designs

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how do the homespun knitwear henleys run size wise?  i want to get one of these -



the first one says "slim fit" in the description but the second one doesn't.  i have no clue how to size and couldn't find much with a quick google search.  i wear a small in the jcrew slim t shirts and slim sweaters.  i don't have any other shirts from there currently.

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LVC has a 1920's style henley for it's spring/summer collection.

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@jmaudi0Homespun Knitwear makes some of the most durable and warm henleys out there. Order a size up if you're looking for a non-layering shirt. They fit quite snug.
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These guys make the very best in the world:


100 organic including dyes and fair trade. Cannot surpass quality.


Check out their production process:


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Does anyone else think that henley's look weird on men with slim shoulders?  I'm basing this on personal experience.  For that reason I am looking for a thicker, more full henley.  Any recommendations?


I really like this one, but they only have XS -->

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Gotta put in a good word for Merz b Schwanen. Very small operation, everything is made on their premises by a handful of people, using the original vintage machinery for circular knitting. Peter Plotnicki is an incredibly passionate person and he won't settle for anything that's not right. I love the shirts, materials, fit and details.
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If I could bring this thread back to life, I would love to hear what people's recommendations are for henleys in 2017.

I've seen the Merz Schwanen garments and they are very nice, but luxury priced, and therefore something a bit out of the range I would think most of us are going for. I want to be able to buy 8 of these things (short and long sleeve) for under 500 bucks, not over a G.

American Apparel is gone now. Uniqlo doesn't seem to have any on their web site at the moment. A couple other names mentioned in the thread are also luxury items rather than high quality for the regular guy. I personally am not able to get J Crew at sensible costs after shipping and import tariffs coming into Europe where I live.

Anyone else have further suggestions? Any recommendations on high quality mid-priced henleys 2017 would be greatly appreciated!
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Pistol Lake is my go to. Their stuff is made in Los Angeles, they're priced pretty decently (40-45 dollars for ss/ls, 35-40 if you're preordering on a short run), the organic cotton jersey they use is super comfortable and they did a lot of work trying to nail the sizing down. 

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Try the SCHIESSER REVIVAL Range, best materials, vintage cuts, german engeneering = deadly cool ;o) - btw for the colder seasons I highly recommend the model ERICH, I have both (navy & olive) & rate them even above my Merz B. Schwanen ... Classic fit, tight, long, true to the size - you can't go wrong w/ SCHIESSER (engl: Shooter).

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