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Chinos vs Moleskins vs Jeans

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HI All,


I recently bought a couple pairs of new shoes for smart casual office and evening attire. Images of nearest matches i can find......

Grey suede brogues and brown suede loafer/driving shoes



I normally wear them with dark straight cut jeans and shirt/vneck combo.


Im happy with the shirt/vneck combo ( come to think of it, there arent many other smart casual options are there????)


What i would like advice on is what other trousers should i be rocking with these shoes??

Is it a case of needing different trousers for each shoes or would one type cover both??


Im starting to think that the brown loafers can only really be seen with jeans but am open to advice??


Would maybe navy/dark blue chinos or moleskins work with the grey brogues??


Any advice appreciated.


Web links to specific trousers would be ideal!!


Thanks in advance!

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Brown nearly always looks good with jeans, but there is not reason you can't extend this to navy chinos for either shoe, whether they be moleskin or "standard" cotton (moleskin is just a heavier cotton fabric).
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For office wear or evening wear, the gray shoes would go with just about any types of pants wearable there.

The loafers frankly are too casual for office use (due mostly to the soles). Disregarding that and in addition to jeans, they can be worn with summery pants, such as linen-cotton pants.
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