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Originally Posted by wurlwyde View Post

I had that same problem with a my first pair of new standards....three-ish years ago. A tailor can fix it. Although I have to say, I had that problem because they were a size too small for me.

How did it look afterwards? Did they just sew on a strong patch that is a little bigger than the hole?

I guess I might have sized down too much. I guess I was really pushing for a slim look with the NS over baggy.
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Do you sag them crazy? They dont look that tight from the pic

Originally Posted by Pngwyn View Post

I know frown.gif but I don't think they were even that tight to begin with... I guess it's just the way I've been wearing em. Here's how they fit originally.. Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)




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Do you sag them crazy?  They don't look that tight from your pic.

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You should just go with the petit standard or new cures....she basically sewed it shut.....over and over again on the outside of the button hole where it's ripping. It didn't' look great, but I imagine you could get someone to redo the button hole. For what it's worth, I've never had what i'd consider in my opinion to be a good tailor. I've actually pretty much stopped messing with them all together.
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Can anyone comment on the sizing of New cure and Petit standard bought recently from Context clothing? Their sizing chart was updated, but I'm wondering if it's still wrong...

Also does NeedSupply have the same sizing?
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Anyone have a pair of NS in 31 they're looking to get rid of?
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I've been wearing my P.S for about 14 months now and i've hand washed them 3 times and machine washed once. Each time I wash, the honeycombs on the back of my knee start somewhere new and do not reset to their original creases. So, after a few washes, my honeycombs end up looking like this (not my pair, but similar honeycombs):




I just sent off the pair to denim therapy to get my crotch fixed and I ended up ordering a new pair from context today. I was wondering if anyone had any tips to get the honeycombs to end up looking like this instead (picture below). This will be my goal for this new pair I will be receiving.



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Yeah, don't wash them, but who cares??

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i think that guy hot soaked like 3 times over 18 monthes or something to get em like that
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and by hot soak you mean soak without detergent?

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my girl wouldn't like dat. 

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Originally Posted by systematic View Post

I was looking at those, and according to Mr. Porter they run tts and the inseams are about 2 inches shorter than their raws/mij's.

Oh thanks, didn't realize mr. porters stocked them.
Going to guess they don't stretch? Don't have much experience with non-raw APC jeans
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So I'm guessing it's impossible to find those APC mijs black in PS 27/28 or NS 26/27 right?
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^ Both except PS in 28: NS, PS

TBS shows how slim they fit compared to the regular raw versions. I'm tired of wearing raw denim, and might get another pair of these to keep in my closet in case APC stops making them again.
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