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They seem ok, but where can you get them from? I'm from Australia, only thing i found was google, guy selling a pair of 32's that stretched to like a 34-36 and thigh was 12.75 inch but they would fall off my waist like crazy obviously haha.

Any chance people can measure the thighs from the groin on their rescues, and the waist size.

Trying to get a waist 32" and a thigh of at least 12" across. 13 prefered but highly unlikely lol.
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there is a lot of info in this thead...

i want a fit similar to my straight sven... so straight leg mid/low rise.

i wear a 31 in straight sven, what size should i get in whatever cut i should be getting in apc

thanks for the help
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Go for a 30. You should be able to button it up no problem and it'll stretch a ton in a day and be like your svens in a week.
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Originally Posted by chronoaug
Go for a 30. You should be able to button it up no problem and it'll stretch a ton in a day and be like your svens in a week.

which cut??
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I'd say new standard. If you want something more relaxed get rescue. If you're not tall, you might want to get them hemmed eventually. I think most short people look really bad with stacked apcs. It just makes their legs look stubby. They'll seem too tight at first, but unfortunately that's just how apcs are. I was able to button up a sized 2 down no problem and barely able to button a sized down 3. They stretch a ton so don't think the way your 30 new standard look initially is how it'll be. I don't know how your svens look though. The rescue is a relaxed straight leg. The new standards are slim tapered, but don't actually seem tapered when you see them on people after stretching and stretch from almost skinny to just plain slim after a day or two.
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ugh, we need to edit the first post to include the cure's

i want to buy some cure's off someone but they would be my true size and i would prefer a slim fit jean. is the sizing what i have below and would these probably fit too loose for me?

size 1 down for slim fit
buy true size for regular straight leg fit
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Sizing down 1 would probably be best. I've seen people size down one and it looks slim but not super tight.
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does the leg opening stretch at all on the NS from normal wear? I got a pair about a week ago and the waist and thighs are stretching no prob but I feel like the foot opening is a little small? I sized down to a 29 and I normally wear 31.
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You could try stretching it out with your hand while wet. If you just soak them in cold water, and while they're hang driving, stretch them out with your hand or put something in there to stretch them out. Not sure how well this would work but it makes sense.
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Guys, decided to bump this thread as I have a couple questions.

1st, how is the sizing on the old L'Anglaise (English)?

2nd, how is the sizing on their washed grey denim, specifically the new cures?
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I believe the english cut is pretty similar to the rescues, so a relaxed straight leg. I don't think they have grey new cures. They have old cures in "faded black" which is basically grey, and i know a sufu member has them and sized down 2 for a very slim(but not skin tight) fit. He's pretty skinny, and i'd personally say size down 1 on the cure faded blacks. I'm thinking about getting them too as i wouldn't mind a pair of grey jeans and they look pretty spot on. I think it's Zehero on sufu who posted picks of them and i liked them a lot.
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which size waist APCs come with a 34 inch inseam and which come with a 36?
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It varies. I've seen some 29waists with a 36 and a 34. Same with 30waists. If you really want to make sure, i'd call and ask specifically. I think most of the time 29waists and under are 34"inseam and 30waist and up are 36inseam but like i said it's not always that way.
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Is APC stretching THIS insane?

I'm looking at a pair of size 30 waist New Standards in the Buying and selling forum, and the waist is 17 inches (leghtwise, around the back)!!
I don't doubt the width, I'm just surprised by it.

My 'work pants' (plain 501s) are a size 32, when I bought them they were so tight I could barely button them, now I can fit my palm down the front perpendicular-ways, yet they're only 16.5 inches lenghtwise across the waist!!

Are all of you really putting up with this much stretching? All that jean bunching up when you tighten your belts?

Am I overstating it? or is it really that drastic?

Is there another, new standard-style raw jean out there that won't stretch as bad?

Is there any way to search w/in the "post pics of your denim" thread to find still active new standard pictures?
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Can anyone with cures measure the leg width around the middle of their calf? Want to get an idea of how tapered they say it is. Thanks.
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