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Originally Posted by TACO_FLAVORED_KISSES View Post

This Fall/winter APC released a Ma-1 made of 90% wool and 10% poly. Can anyone comment on the quality and sizing of the jacket?


i got last seasons bomber, 65% viscose one. fit was great and really comfy. though it was dry clean only

i took it to the dry cleaners once. and it messed up the bottom bit of the jacket that 'tightens' it to your body and made it all loose.

now if i wear it unzipped it looks all loose ans unfitted from the back frown.gif

edit: this is it

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my ns are too tight when trying to step/climb up onto high objects. waist and thighs are a bit tight as well but I'm not too worried about that as I can see them stretching enough. don't see how the limited range of motion will be fixed though. disappointing but we'll see I guess.
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Sign #7 that you may have sized down too much:
Socks - you have to remember to put socks on before the pants becuase once the pants are on you can't bend down or lift your knee up to put on the socks because the pants are sooo tight. And you have to take off the socks (somehow) before you take off the jeans because they're so tapered that the mere friction between socks and jeans will prevent them from being pried off, whereas the smooth surface of your feet lets the pants finally pop and slither off your legs after much struggling.
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^not sure how literal that was supposed be but I can take them off and put them on fine, just fairly restricted when lifting up the knee. I can lift them to 90deg and its tight.

on another pair of jeans which I consider to fit me as good as its going to get, I can get a few inches higher and by then its flexibility holding me back not so much the pants

I probably would have been better off sizing up 1 but its too late now. ill see where it takes me after a few weeks of wear (might be a while since I won't wear them that often)
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nah just messin, well sort of. It was about me. and it's true shog[1].gif
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Originally Posted by einstine View Post

I would go for a different brand then, Samurai, or Iron Heart make really nice cuts for bigger dudes, becuase the NS your wearing are not flattering your build.


I looked at the Iron Heart jeans and all of the pictures of their styles look the same as my pics from my earlier post except for the stacking on the bottoms. So it looks like I'll hae to get these hemmed. How much should I account for shrinking of the legs? about and inch or so? I still would like to be able to cuff the jeans.

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New size 30 APC NS. Options: buy size 29 NS, buy size 30 PNS, or buy size 29 PNS. Opinions?

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This is a long shot...but if anyone happens to have the WATER-REPELLENT SHEEPSKIN-COLLAR JACKET from their AW13 season in XS and doesn't want it, please let me take it off your hands. Thanks :)

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Originally Posted by Big Pun View Post

New size 30 APC NS. Options: buy size 29 NS, buy size 30 PNS, or buy size 29 PNS. Opinions?

The thigh looks too tight on this pic and they don't usually stretch in that area...I suggest size up.
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Big Pun, I think they look ok, not great, just pretty normal average fit. My suggestion is either go down one more on the NS and be aware that they're going to really crush your thighs and waist for a while, and hopefully there's a bit more taper at the calf/hem so they'll stack more cleanly, or switch cuts to the PNS, in which case I'd say try the same 30 since the PNS I find slimmer in the thigh already and has quite a taper. I'm no pro, so take it with a pinch of salt.
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This is probably a long shot but I've got a BNWT pair of black raw PS in size 33, if anyone has a (new) size 32 they want to swap for a size 33, please PM me.

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Can anybody who has the 70s army jacket comment on sizing? I'm typically a size small but from what you guys have said above, it seems like a M should fit better?
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Damn you guys are about as responsive as George Bush after hurricane Katrina. In any event, I kept them and got them tapered.
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First time buyer with some questions. I scored a pair of APC NS on Nordstrom rack recently, went one size down and was barely able to button up the top button which I assume means they're the right size. I was surprised to find they are about as slim as my UB 201s, which are slim tapereds, and not straights. Do APCs generally have slimmer fits? Also, the instructions said the "extremist" method was to not soak or wash them like most raws. Are they sanforized and should I soak them? Lastly, I read on reddit APCs have problems with crotch blowouts, is this common? Thanks.

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Looking for a place where I can get APC Rescues with free shipping and returns.
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