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This is my first experience with raw denim. So after reading

through the posts in this thread I decided to order a pair of

30 NS.


I was able to button all 4 of the buttons and the top button

was slightly tight to button.  The thighs feel great also.  My

concern is how loose this will end up being once they have

been broken in.


Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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Dont size down thighs will thank you also wear a belt
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Originally Posted by Fallen Angels View Post

i havent bought apc jeans in over 5 years, sorry for another sizing question (search function doesnt work well when all the different model names use the same words):

the New Standards fit me well in sz 32, size 31 in NS was snug but still wearable. what size should i get in the "Petite new standard" model for a comfortable fit?

edit: im generally a true size 34

any help, on the "petite new standard" jeans?
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Originally Posted by Fallen Angels View Post

any help, on the "petite new standard" jeans?

I tried the 35 NS and they were comfortable, even a bit big. I tried the 34 NS and they were a snug fit so when they stretch they should be perfect. I tried the 34 Petite NS and they were way too tight on my legs. If you are comfortable in 34, I would go with 34 in PNS and size down in NS to 32.
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What range of sizes do the PS come in a 32" inseam?

Also, just a general question, but what are your guys' favorite fits for the PS (as in, maybe pictures you've saved of fits you really liked)?
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This may have been mentioned, but I heard that the newest APC releases are minimizing the "vanity sizing" and there isn't as much need to size down as in the past. My previous pair of NS is size 29, and has stretched to a good size for me. If I were to buy a new pair of NS, should I stick with 30? Normal waist size is 31.
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I'd say stick with the 29. My new pair of APCs seems to have the same sizing as the pair I bought 2~ years ago.

edit: might've been old stock.
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How do you know its new you might have just bought old stock
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You're probably right.
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I have some APCs that I accidentally washed (hot water) after only a few months of wear and now they are a ugly dark blue color.  Are there any solutions to this problem?  I was even thinking about trying to dying them completely white at this point because they are unwearable?  

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this guy got multiple sizes of multiple cuts...
NS, PS, and NC. all for 99 plus shipping
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I've been wearing my pair of New Standard for 4 months now and it is a bit too long and wide. Thinking of getting it hemmed and tapered. Should I do this now or continue to wear them for a few more months, wash it and then get them tailored?
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Sounds like you got the wrong size/cut to begin
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Well, the top part fits well (hips and thigh). It's just the bottom section from the knees down...I would have preferred more taper and shorter length. Don't think it will be too hard for tailor to fix, just would like to know should I get them done now or after they are more worn in and washed?.
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Sounds like how new standard is supposed to fit seems like you should have bought petite new standards
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