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anyone know if these are the selvedge versions?
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They are.

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any idea what's going on here


$305 Petit Standards
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Looks like a new model. Black warp and weft, raw, and unlike the mij's or faux noir's. They don't really give much info... :/
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That way they can put it on 50% sale so everyone can cop because it's such a great deal teacha.gif
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anyone see those elastic waist jeans.. so cool, i used to wear that shit when i was a toddler.
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So I just got a pair of new standards (used) worn 10-15 times and they kind of smell.  I also need to have the inseem altered a bit.  Should I soak first to get rid of the smell then alter?  This is my first pair of selvedge jeans and I'm not sure if there an order to this that I should follow?

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Yes definitely
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Any recommendations on where to pick up a pair of PS for cheap? TBS is out of 32's..
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matches fashion

edit: had them yesterday but I think they've since sold out. sorry.
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Dang, ill just be on the lookout for restocks then..
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Originally Posted by Dbear View Post

Yes definitely

 So I should probably soak first, then alter? I hope they don' shrink much as they are already pretty tight.

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Does anyone have the black PS's? Looking at pictures online the color looks funky too me. Is it a solid shade of black? 

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I have the raw selvedge (red selvedge) MIJ PSs, and they are a solid black although it's not particularly dark, almost trends toward a blackish grey.

The typical raw noir, I think they call them, has almost a mixed black and gray vibe. I'm having trouble explaining it but what you see is what it's like. I wonder how it'd look after the first soak, though.
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I have been after a pair of real black selvedge denim and I just picked up a pair of red selvedge Made in Japan "double black" APC. Style is NS. I am a size 33. For APC, i had to take a 31. Fits good.

First impression, quality wise, not really impressed. Feels more like stiff chinos to me. It just does not feel like real denim to me, more like baby denim. This could be due to me being used to wearing thick japanese denim a la Momotaro. Still, there is something comfy about APC the more you wear it.

Colour wise, this is definitely not a deep black. I mean, if you really want that black, you should check out 3sixteen 220x, or RRL slim fit black. Now those are really really black. This APC denim strike me more as a very dark gray as the above poster already said so beware if what you are after is real black then this is definitely not it.
They are definitely cool but once I wear through them, I won't be buying again. They feel really flimsy. This is objective as I like my denim to have a bit of kick certainly not feeling like stiff chinos.
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