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on the petit standard raw how do you ge the outseam to stay at the side, mine comes all the way to the front like a twisted seam.

why does this happen and how can it be prevented?
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Those sizing down numbers are petty much just normal sizing down numbers...It ALL depends on your body shape and what fit you want. It is possible to size down 4.5 on NS. I'm hoping a local shop will get a restock soon so I can go try them on. Buy I was looking at possibly getting a size 25 or 26 in NS w/ a true waist of 29, I'm 5'6 and about 120 pounds. 


There's a guy on sufu who sized down I think 4 on NS and has a great fit!!

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shown these before, crappy pics but somebody asked about relative fits so here you go. ns has a slightly higher rise, thigh is about the same, ps is a lot tighter around the calf.
measured waist =32"

ns 28

ps 29

(also, if anyone in the UK/EU wants a BNWT PS 30 drop me a pm spam[1].gif)
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So I'm a 28 in NS, 29 in NC, so I bought PS in 28 but I can barely get the bottom button done and that's all. Do I need to size up or an I gonna be able to slowly stretch them enough?

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size up
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So if I'm not mistaken, the difference between the NS and PS is:
- Higher rise
- Less tapered
- Slightly bigger waist (?)

But are the thighs a little bigger on the NS, or is it just more straight?
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you're right. if you size them as i did, ie ns one down from ps, waist and thigh are about the same i think. (in the pics above the ns are obviously well worn in whereas the ps are brand new, would give a little from there).
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Both of them look quite good on you! I have the PS in 30, while the waist is a little to big, the thighs are thight as f***, but after three months of squatting they're getting there. I think the NS will be 30's too, and I'll just taper them.
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I'm just curious, are these http://needsupply.com/petit-standard-black.html the MIJ APCs that are often mentioned in this thread?

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And after





Detail shots later

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need ps 29, please pm me!

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Just received my first pair of PS. I'm a true 29-30 sized down to 27. Took about 15 minutes to button everything and there's definitely limited range of movement in the legs. Thoughts on fit?


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Does anyone have the measurement on a pair of 33 NS.  I'm especially looking for the front and rear rise.  I've found conflicting numbers from all over.  


My NS are a great fit from  the leg opening down, but the rise is too low.  When I sit my shirt comes untucked or my rear-end shows. 


I'm looking for a jean with a slightly higher rise (front and rear).  I'm thinking about the Tellason Ankara  (eager to try Cone Mills denim).  Does anyone have any other suggestions? 

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^ AFAIK you can still get the original standard at APC stores. It's the same fit as the NS but with a higher rise (one more button).
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