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Originally Posted by 13k View Post

Copped a pair of the made in Japan black selvegde jeans. I was gonna try to go up to a 31, but it felt loose in the waist already. Went with the indigo NS size. These things are still stiff as hell and I can confirm that these are a "washed" black not raw shog[1].gif Despite the pricing... these things look so sick icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

i went same size in black selvedge as my indigo raw ... seems to be fine
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Originally Posted by RoyalVilla View Post

Rescue fit question.

I've got some NS in a 33 (I'm normally about a 35 waist). At first I was concerned they were a bit tight, but they've loosened up nicely and I really like them and they're just about the perfect slim jean for me.

With winter coming I've been thinking about a pair of Rescues. I'm fairly broad on top with slimish legs, so with winter's jumpers and and boots getting dusted off I'm looking for something straight with a slightly higher rise to keep things in proportion.


I'm hoping that Resues are what I'm looking for? If the NS are good for me in a 33, should I order Rescues in a 33 also???


Thanks in advance, RS

Can anyone help? I guess maybe people don't have both NS and Rescue?


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Thinking about getting a pair of New Cures... i have a size 32 in NS and it's a comfortable fit, I was thinking of just getting a size 32 in New Cures aswell. Whatcha think?
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What's up dudes. Selling my pair of like-new NS tagged 39.

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Originally Posted by randomkoreandude View Post

i went same size in black selvedge as my indigo raw ... seems to be fine

Did you guys get these in NS or PS? I was just at Barneys in NYC and they only had the NS, but I was holding out for PS in the black selvedge...
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Went same size NS for indigo and MIJ black. Sized down 2 from normal waist (32 to a 30)
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mine are both NS
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Picked up a pair of PS in the black selvege. Was really feeling the look at the store but as I was walking out I was hit by this crippling fear that they're jeggings. I've only had NS and Dior 19 cm in the "slim" or skinny look, so PS is new for me.

I sized down one from my regular waist. Two horrible photos follow -- just wanted to get these up on a whim.

Okay...too tight?


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I think it wouldn't hurt to +1 from that. Try again and post pics.
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Might look good once the waist stretches a little and sits lower. The thighs won't appear so tight. I think it looks pretty good as is.
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it will be fine. it looks slightly awkward and tight but these are ps. wear daily and be active and they wills tretch to where you want it
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Look great, will stretch a bit over time
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I picked up a pair of New Standards and have worn them a few times. I kept trying to figure out why one of the seams was pulling to the right and I now realize that the cut of the denim is off on the bias causing the leg to twist to the right. My problem is that it's like 45 days (went on vacation) since I purchased them and dont have the original receipt. What kind of luck have you guys had returning stuff to them with just like the credit card info and past their 30 day return policy?

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most denim will have leg twist, there is probably nothing wrong with yours
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Could really use some help here guys. Just bought some Petite Standards sized 31. I'm 33.5" around my waist where I wear me jeans. I also have what I consider a little bit bigger thigh for skinny/tighter jeans. So here's my questions:

I like the fit of the waist now and know it will stretch some but don't want it to get crazy. There's not a lot of tension in this area so will it still stretch the consensus 2"?

The length is a little long on me as I like to wear my jeans with a very small cuff a little above the ankle. So currently the legs are all draped weird and bunched around the knee and ankle. Will hemming help the rest of the leg settle as I'm going for a no break look?

As I said the thighs are a little tight now but I want them to stay around where the currently are and not stretch much. I want a clean no break and no bulging/giant ruffles on the leg look. Will this get messed up as I wear them?

Please help me out with this before I go crazy wondering if I got the right ones. Thanks!
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