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Originally Posted by Buddha25 View Post

How's the stretch going on those 28s so far?

Is this a question for me? I own a 29 Petit New Standard. It fits fine and it stretched a bit in the waist as everyone can attest to. But after my first soak at about 9 months in, the pants shrank and they just fit a bit tighter now and haven't stretched back out. I'm fine with it.

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Originally Posted by ktown View Post

Look at my pics above. Those are 29 NS and I am TTS 31. I had no trouble buttoning it up and that's why I thought they were a bit baggy. I may have smaller top block than you though so I personally would size down to a 28 and may find it comfy whereas you are saying they're tight as fuck. If it's that tight, I would stick with the 29's.

Yea I was crushing my crotch in the 28s. The thing with the 28s is they are shorter in length along inseam. The 29s are longer and I am not a huge cuff fan. I'm also scared to hem them pre-wash as well. Anyone does this before?
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can i just go for a jog on the treadmill in these things to accelerate the stretching?
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I usually take a nap in mine. shog[1].gif
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er, you do a lot of jogging in your sleep? I usually lie down and then don't move for about 8 hours... maybe a bike ride is in order?
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Wanted to see what people think about the fit on my petit standards.  They are snug at the waist, but I know they will stretch with time.




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It's fine. Just how PS is supposed to fit.
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Its not going to get super baggy though up top is it? I know APC has a lot of stretch.
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Nah, it's not gonna be super baggy. Expect 1-3 inches of stretch on the waist. Depends on how tight they are right now.
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well they're not too slim
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They are not painfully tight, not sure if that is how you guys start out with them?
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Just measure your waist/hip/wherever you wear the jeans on. The tagged size should be roughly (at least, even) 2 numbers below that.
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Sized down 1 to 27

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is there a current sale carrying the pants?

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hi guys, sorry for another sizing help question. i asked a few pages back for sizing advice (i wear a 31 in most trousers/pants), but have bought a 28 in the APC new standard (stores advice and my second attempt at the new standard). however, after 30-40 wears the thighs and crotch area are uncomfortably tight. when the jeans are on, my thighs and upper legs feel really constricted and haven't seem to stretch out much, if anything at all. even the waist hasn't seem to stretch out which is puzzling to me, as from reading the forum and speaking to the person at APC in london i thought the waist would stretch a ton.

moreover, they crotch area looks awkward to my eye, and i have the horrible muffin top look, despite not carrying that much weight (i'm 5'7 and 148 pounds). i just thought i would post pictures and hopefully get the right advice on the size i should get. a gentlemen suggested 29, but i'm a bit worried as thats only 1 size up on what i currently have from apc.

APC fit (may be laughable, certainly feels uncomfortable). i wear them only with shirts untucked and can't tuck in shirts without the jeans looking awkward in the waist area

For comparison GAP 1969 made in china raw denim - 30x30 (never washed, worn about 50 times, very comfortable in waist and thighs from day 1)
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