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Originally Posted by Alcibiades View Post

I want to hem both pairs of my APC (indigo and black)...

Do most people that wear APC hem before really wearing? At 5'10", it's somewhat annoying walking around with huge cuffs in order to get any kind of fade before you can hem. But if you hem soon, you risk the denim shrinking too short after the first wash. I've had these for four months now, so I may as well wash/hem/wear...

My first pair of A.P.C I hemmed, tapered, wore em maybe 6 months, had to wash because of dirt stain. They shrinked about 1.5 inches and the indigo became ugly. I didn't wash em correctly I think.
Now I buy the jeans, hem and taper them and wear until it's good for garbage. It works for me because I don't wear em everyday (I have a rotation) and I prefer to keep em dark :-)
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My old new standards (32) fit a little snug in the waist and are still fairly tight in the thigh after 3 years of high use and a handful of washes. It's time for a new pair and I was curious if a size up in the new standards would take care of the thigh tightness or would a switch to the rescues be more appropriate? I'm not a huge fan of the legit straight leg that the rescues have and don't want to mess with getting them tapered, so I would rather stick with new standard. I'm over tight pants. I'm an adult now; I need testicular circulation.
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4 months of periodic wears on my size 29 NS and they got washed - now they're sort of a mid navy blue and soft as hell. The blue is too in between to wear a lot, really, so I got a new pair of PS, size 28 and dayum...these are AMAZING.
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how did you manage sizing down 1 in a slimmer cut?
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Hem and taper before wearing...don't break in the jeans beforehand since it'll adapt and mold naturally
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hot or not??
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Hi. Just picked up a pair of these bad boys nearly brand new from a resale place in my city. My question is, how should I store them? I'm not sure if I should use a shoe tree since they have that zipper and those boot shapers also don't seem ideal since I would like to have something that also maintains the shape of the toe. Any thoughts?
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looking to buy a pair of the petit standards. My waist is 29. from reading a few pages of this thread the main advice given is that you should focus how the jeans fit in the thigh / leg because that part doesnt stretch. but which size should i go for with the petit standards? go true to size and get a 29 or get size 1 down for a 28?
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the best way to buy APC jeans is to go to the store and try 3 pairs of any model with descending sizes, starting from your actual size minus 1. so if your actual measurement is 29 try any model with size 28, 27, and 26. pick one size that feels the most snug that you're able to button, or looser, it's your preference, taking account the stretch in the future. after you got your size, just try every model with that size, well probably except rescue. I entered the APC store expecting to buy petit new standard in 27 but ended up buying new standard 26. my true size is 29.

but if you're buying online, well be careful in sizing down, it depends a lot on your proportion. petit new standard looked to be my kinda fit when I saw the measurements but when I tried it it's too skinny when I sized down.
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the current jeans that im wearing are flathead 1001 which based on measurements are very similar to petit standards. for the flatheads i sized down 1 to a 28 and felt that i could have definitely sized down to a 27 without them being too tight. new standards are a fuller cut compared to the petit standards so its possible to size down 3 with them, i feel like sizing down 2 is maximum with petit standards unless someone is looking for a very tight fit.
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im actually comparing new standards and petit standards using the measurements on context clothing and they seem to be pretty close, im probably going to buy a 27 in the petit standards (i prefer the lower rise, even if its just .5") to see how they fit, if they feel too tight ill go for a 26 in the new standards
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Yeah ns and pns' measurements look similar but somehow I found pns rather tight and skinny. Every mm matters I guess.
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context's charts are off iirc

personally I'd suggest trying on a 28 (order a 28 off nordstrom) as sizing down two might be a bit much (no idea why it's such popular advice unless everybody is going for the tight look or something)

I'm 5'8 ~125 lbs. and wear a 27 ps for reference, so unless you're as skinny as I am, I'd definitely try the 28 first (maybe even order a 29 from nordstrom too just to see how that goes)
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When I was young (over 15 years ago), I didn't like much APC. The design was more or less too simple to me. However, the older I get, the more this brand grows on me. 

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Originally Posted by Heymanniceshot View Post

Anyone know some good Canadian website stores to buy some APC?


I just discovered Gravity Pope, after they were highlighted in a Sharp article
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