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Brown and Brown: Help from Color matching Experts needed

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Just got a nice pair of Twill Wool pants from Howard Yount. Wanted something to pair with a darker brown, and unfortunately, Jamison didn't have anything left in more of a tan shade. These looked like they would be contrasty enough, at least based on photos, but now that I have them in hand, not so sure.


Strangely, I couldn't find anything about matching brown with brown in the forum, at least easily. I can see that this might be difficult.


These are the pants


Here are some pics. The lighting is hard to get right. The pants look almost gray, mid gray in the pics, and they are a duller rather than golden brown if that makes sense. Take a look in the link, which shows a bit more brown in Jamison's pics.


Two issues: sufficient contrast and then complementarity.


People wear a lot of brown with gray trousers, so perhaps this is in that realm? I have some tan pants that work well with the jacket. This would be different (but would probably pair nicely with my navy blazer).


If I had to guess, the jacket is got a little golden in it, so to speak, but the pants do not, if that makes sense. So, they aren't playing off each other in that way.


Thoughts? Principles in pairing brown with brown?


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It's clearly not a suit, so that bar is cleared. The question, then, is how you feel about a lower-contrast ensemble. Done right, it can be a very sophisticated look.

If I were finishing the outfit in the pic, I'd reach for a pale blue shirt, dark brown shoes and dark tie. Keep it all on the darker end of the spectrum.

That said, I'm cautious about brownish grays or grayish browns. Can look dingy.
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Thanks Doc.


I was actually wearing a light blue striped shirt with a greyish dark blue herringbone-silk tie today. Would have added dark brown suede chukkas to the mix, but couldn't take a pic adequately with me in the outfit too.


I would be interested in successful, low contrast ensembles. At least conceptually they aren't ruled out!


If anyone has such pics, would be great to see.


Thanks again.

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Bump to solicit more feedback.

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That combination is fine. There's enough contrast. Those pants are far from dark brown.

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