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Looking for Skinny Jeans with More Crotch Room

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Just like the title says, I'm seeking your guy's advice on some new jeans. 


Up until a few years ago I couldn't stand jeans. I refused to wear them - period. When I did venture into the world of denim slim cuts definitely appealed to me, and I haven't worn anything else. 


I rotate through three pairs of Levi 511's and a pair of Gap 1969 "Skinny". I wish they all had some more crotch room!

The only way I've been able to be comfortable in them is to sag them about a third of the way down my ass, and I've gotten sick of it. In my opinion, it just isn't classy. Yet, I refuse to be constantly irritated by having my crotch in a state of perpetual discomfort when they aren't sagged down.


This led me to a pair of Levi 514's - slim straights. They have a little more legroom (especially passed the knee), but in the crotch they are much worse! Definitely not what I was after.


I'm not after more room in the leg, waist, anywhere other than the crotch. I'm just looking for the look and comfort of my 511's without having them sagged down low. 


For reference, I'm 5'10", weigh 155lbs, and am of a very average build. Not scrawny, not buff, around 12% body fat. My Levi's are 32"x32" or 34"x30" (the pairs that I intentionally sized to wear lower on the waist). Not sure if any of this makes a difference, but I figured some general build info could be useful. 


Thanks in advance,


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Try the 513's.

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Scotch & Soda jeans seem to have a lower crotch.

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I'll definitely check out the 513's and see if they're any better!


Any tips on where to find the Scotch & Soda brand? I know I'm going to have to travel to find them, but want to know where to look. 

The nicest place I have available locally is a Macy's...


Luckily, I'm moving back to Seattle in a few months and I'll be visiting friends in Portland and Spokane in the next few weeks.

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it sounds like you are just looking for more front rise.  measure the rise on your current jeans or a pair of pants that you are comfortable in and look at the measurements for different brands on Blueowl or SelfEdge.  that's a good way to start.


i had the same complaint on my first pair of NF jeans (LHT for sale in my sig).  i didn't like how crammed the crotch was...but i sized them down too much in the first place. my next pair (3sixteen SL120x) fit perfectly.  the front rise is a little longer = more crotch room = comfort.  

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Try Scotch and Soda, RRL slims(fit more like a skinny) or Levi 508



It also sounds like you're looking for more of a slim taper rather than a skinny.

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Levi's 510's have a long rise and provide quite a bit more crotch room over 511s (Or at least the one pair of Rigid I got for dirt cheap to work on my car in has a much bigger rise than the 511s I have owned). Definitely gives the boys a bit more room to breath. Just size up one from your 511 size.

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Eat Dust have a low crotch. Their two original fits are wider, but recently they introduced a slim cut, too.

Beautiful fabric.

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theres numerous threads about denim, denim-related questions, and brands already. i'd check one of those if i were you

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