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Sam Ben-Avraham Launching New Trade Show


Sam Ben-Avraham, the founder of Advanster Communications and the Project tradeshow, announced this week plans to launch a new menswear tradeshow, Libery Fairs, to be held in Las Vegas this August with 250 brands. Avraham sold Avanster in 2005 for $38 million, and had been prevented by a non-compete agreement that expired last month from working on another tradeshow. Liberty Fairs will feature an innovative booth design, with a wider frontage than most standard tradeshow setups, and lower sidewalls, allowing visitors to see the entire tradeshow floor when standing. 


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All About Gant


Do you like classic, traditional, even ‘timeless’ menswear? Does your soul long for the days where the Andover shop was the ne plus ultra of menswear, and everyone wore a blazer, bowtie and oxfords to a college class? If so, you might enjoy GANT – which over the last several years, and under new ownership, has emerged as one of the stalwarts of the classic prep genre. Think lots (and lots) of madras. 


A Custom Knife


This thread is just too cool to miss – which is why it’s the first non-fashion thread to be covered as part of our front page updates. Over a long weekend, poster RogerP, along with some skilled knife makers, crafted a beautiful camp knife by hand, and detailed the process with some amazing photos. The end product is beautiful, and the process is fascinating. Don’t miss this. 


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1920s Raccoon Fur Coat 


Kiton Cashmere Plaid Suit, 40R