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For Sale:
WTS: A.P.C New Standard - Indigo sz 29, $75 OBO

Will Ship To: CONUS

These are a great pair of jeans that I've been trying to fit into off and on for about four months now. Consult the pics provided to see where they are fade-wise, but rest assured that I've not nearly tapped their potential all this time. You should know that I did get the waist trimmed down a bit and also took in the width of the hem by about an inch. I've got measurements but these basically fit a little less like a pair of NS and more like the New Cure/19cm models from APC and Dior Homme conversely. Anyway, let me know if I can add any more pics/info but know that I am generous on the price since they are used more than some jeans you might be considering. On with the pics and measurements:

Wear is more pronounced here than in person - overexposed shot + the jeans just not breaking as much as it seems.

Waist: 15" - Done BiG style
Inseam: 31.75" - From crotch seam to hem
Width at hem: 6.25"
Width at knee 8"

Thanks for looking!!