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Which of these shirts would work best for job interview?

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Sorry for the piss-poor pictures, only have my webcam here at the moment. 


1. Plain white 

2. Blue shirt with white contrast collar 

3. White with lilac stripe 

3. Light blue with white (and tiny black) stripes 


Suit is solid navy, with Peak lapels and ticket pocket. 


Also, what do you think about the tie? I have some solids around too. (navy, purple, black, monochromes) 



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I'd say the first look is the best, including the tie.

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Plain white. Don't muck about.

And while those pics have been aptly described, the tie looks alright. Black solid? Get that away from the outfit.

Contrast collar might be alright but that is a lot of white showing through from the collar.Not very tidy to me.Unless these images are deceiving me.

Based on almost nothing, assuming you are somewhat younger and in a somewhat conservative job space,finance or such.

First off, one can be dressed to kill and look fantastic with 'plain' outfits, white shirts, black shoes, blue suits, etc.

Save all the striping, kaleidoscope across your fabrics and the rest for when you are in and situated.

Then you can show off your corduroy sport coat with the purple knit tie, brogued to hell shoes and earth tone trousers to offset your yellow with green check shirt and trouser cuffs that do not reach within an inch of your top lace when standing.

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thats a nice suit. What brand is that?

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Tie is blue with white dots, guess it looks a bit different on the picture. And I agree, plain probably works best (Interview for moderate sized tech firm, Engineering job) 

Suit is from the online MTM store half-canvassed, and some extra options (lapel width, button stance)

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Originally Posted by Bexcellence View Post

thats a nice suit. What brand is that?

The one you commented on here. /stalker

Did you ever get it remade?
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Your Tom Ford inspired Navy Suit should be complemented by a solid light blue shirt or solid white shirt and black shoes (I personally prefer light blue to go with dark navy but white is perfectly decent). Tie does not have to be solid color but keep it minimalistic pattern wise. Keep tie on darker side, I would avoid black. I personally would not bother with a pocket square for an interview.

I like to dress in bold colors and patterns but for interviews I keep it pretty basic. You want the panel to remember you for your good qualities, not as the guy who wore a bright red tie with H symbols splashed all over the place.
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Liquidus: Yes, I did. However, I kinda fucked up the measurements on sleeves this time, they're a bit tight on the forearms, otherwise it's a good fit. The shoulder width made a world difference when looking at it in person. (Haven't bothered taking new pics yet though, as I forgot the waistcoat back home) 

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I'd also go with the white, but I'll say this; I interview technical candidates (software, medical devices) and weigh in on who to hire/not hire.  None of them would make me think twice.  Still... I'd go with the white.  Can't go wrong with that.

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Tried on a lighter blue shirt, with more classic collar. Also tried my RLPL suit, which is a bit more conservative as far as cuts go, but also much lighter shade of blue. Either way, white or light blue shirt it is.  




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From the photos you are one of the best-dressed engineers I've ever
seen aside from some notable outliers like a friend of mine from Chicago
who once owned over four hundred ties, and SF''s own binge. I speak
from over 20 years in high tech.
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Go with the white or light blue. Avoid the pocket square. As an engineer, I can tell you, the interviewers will likely not care much, but you rather stay as boring as possible to avoid any conflicts. I had a coworker who was colorblind, so many colors looked different to him. Plus, you don't want the interviewers to think you're weird or come off as pretentious. I have coworkers who don't even own a suit, so they might balk at something like a pocket square.

Edit: If you absolutely must wear a square, at least tuck it in so no more than 1/4" shows.
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Thanks, I'll be flown across the country for this interview(oil and gas sector), so it's gonna be a whole day trip. Guess I'll pack one extra shirt and tie with me, in case something would happen. 


Blue and white shirt

Navy polka dot and plain tie 

One of the suits 

No PS 

Black Park Avenues. 

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^^ good luck and I'll see you at the office..
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Best of luck with your job interview. To be honest I thought all of the shirts you posted were appropriate but that you made the best choice in the end!

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