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Brooks Brothers’ Black Fleece Performs Well


During a presentation of the brand’s fall collection, Lou Amendola, chief merchandising office, talked at length about Brook Brother’s Thom Browne helmed line. According to Amendola, Black Fleece has performed well, and recently the women’s collection has exceeded sale expectations, accounting for 50% of sales in some retail locations, up from 5% only a few years ago. Thom Browne is expected to renew his agreement with Brooks Brothers, and Amendola hopes to continue to expand the line throughout 2013, including the possible opening of more freestanding stores. Fans of button down collar sweatshirt fabric polos rejoice!


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Five Perfect Shoes


If you could only have five pair of shoes – five pairs of shoes that would work with your entire wardrobe – which five would you pick? What five pairs would take you from day to night, from the office to the bar? This thread investigates a type of wardrobe minimalism that while not usually found on StyleForum, would be a welcome reprieve for all of our wallets. 


All About Yohji


I've featured this thread before, but it’s worth a second look (and a second feature). Perhaps the best brand-specific thread on the forum, even the most classic rules minded dresser would learn something new and worthwhile from giving it a read. 

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