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[Student] casual navy jacket

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Hey everyone,


Per this post:


I'm going after a navy jacket (my first jacket). I've had absolutely NO success as of yet. I'm looking for a lighter shade of blue, cotton material (must be machine-washable), with 2 buttons. Most jackets I find in stores are midnight blue, must be dry cleaned and look way too formal. I'm in the Netherlands, Europe.


I am student so I am in an environment where most people go jeans (or sweatpants) + hoodie. That is why I can't use the more formal ones. I would look out of place. Besides, I want to be able to wear it on spring outdoor activities, not having to worry about it.


Ordering online is an option. I'm willing to spend a max of 120 euros. (The one the guy in the above post is wearing costs 90 dollars). I've come across this: what do you guys think?


with the "Blue fine twill" color.


I'm 1.74 m, skinny / athletic build.

Advice is appreciated!




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Looks like you've already answered your own question. But do you have experience trying on various jackets for a perfect fit?
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No, I don't have much experience putting on jackets, so maybe ordering from online is too risky. And I see that the jacket via my own link can't be machine washed, so that one is out of the question too. Hopefully the new spring collections will bring more of the casual ones back.

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Jackets in general are not machine washable, so you're not going to have much luck there. Your best bet is to check out the spring collections at H&M, C&A, and Peek and Cloppenburg.
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You shouldn't have to clean this jacket very often. You're just going to have to get over this machine washable thing.
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Seems like you've found exactly what you were looking for in a completely unstructured cotton jacket, so I'm not sure what advice you are seeking....

Above all else make sure the shoulders fit, because most else can be altered. The darker blues are easier to match. Be mindful of these jackets' length, as some of these look short, which is effeminate.
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