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Originally Posted by Gibonius View Post

Kids in school always have fewer rights than normal people.


And people say public schools don't prepare children for the real world.

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On August 19, 2010, two inspectors from the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) visited the Strictly Skillz Barbershop in Orlando and found everything in order: All of the barbers working there were properly licensed, and all of the work stations complied with state regulations. Two days later, even though no violations had been discovered and even though the DBPR is authorized to conduct such inspections only once every two years, the inspectors called again, this time accompanied by "between eight and ten officers, including narcotics agents," who "rushed into" the barbershop "like [a] SWAT team." Some of them wore masks and bulletproof vests and had their guns drawn. Meanwhile, police cars blocked off the parking lot.

The officers ordered all the customers to leave, announcing that the shop was "closed down indefinitely." They handcuffed the owner, Brian Berry, and two barbers who rented chairs from him, then proceeded to search the work stations and a storage room. They demanded the barbers' driver's licenses and checked for outstanding warrants. One of the inspectors, Amanda Fields, asked for the same paperwork she had seen two days earlier, going through the motions of verifying (again) that the barbers were not cutting hair without a license (a second-degree misdemeanor). Finding no regulatory violations or contraband, the officers released Berry and the others after about an hour.

Although ostensibly justified as a regulatory inspection, the raid on Strictly Skillz, like similar sweeps of other barbershops that same day, was part of an operation hatched by Fields and Cpl. Keith Vidler of the Orange County Sheriff's Office (OCSO), who hoped to find drugs, "gather intelligence," and "interview potential confidential informants." The barbershops chosen for the sweeps "were apparently selected because they or barbers within them had on previous occasions failed to cooperate with DBPR inspectors," the court says. "All of the targeted barbershops were businesses that serviced primarily African-American and Hispanic clientele."

The 11th Circuit concludes that the Strictly Skillz raid, as described by Berry and the other plaintiffs, was "clearly established to be illegal from its inception," violating state law as well as the Fourth Amendment. "The facts of this case—when viewed in the light most favorable to the plaintiffs—adequately establish that the 'inspection' of Strictly Skillz amounted to an unconstitutional search," the court says, "and that the unconstitutionality of such a search was clearly established at the time that the search was executed." Hence a federal judge was right to rule that Vidler and Deputy Travis Leslie do not deserve qualified immunity.

TL:DR Cops storm a barbershop with guns drawn to check on their barber license even though they knew the license was valid.
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Originally Posted by Harold falcon View Post

TL:DR Cops storm a barbershop with guns drawn to check on their barber license even though they knew the license was valid.

How could there be no violations or contraband? These cops have a lot to learn.

Barber holding a pair of scissors when you storm their shop? Assault with a deadly weapon.

Barber asks why the licence is checked again after only two days? Resisting arrest.

I'm sure there's more here, but I'm not getting paid to do the cops' work for them.
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Originally Posted by Harold falcon View Post

TL:DR Cops storm a barbershop with guns drawn to check on their barber license even though they knew the license was valid.

Any possible actual fallout for the cops and inspectors that did this illegal search or is it just a Pyrrhic ruling?
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Originally Posted by Piobaire View Post

Any possible actual fallout for the cops and inspectors that did this illegal search or is it just a Pyrrhic ruling?

Well the cops are being sued personally and it survived summary judgment. Of course, the cops are probably judgment proof so any verdict against them is likely to be meaningless. I don't know if they're suing the municipality as well, I would hope they are as that's where the deep pockets are.
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Apple will be raided 24/7 by police for this:
On devices running iOS 8, your personal data such as photos, messages (including attachments), email, contacts, call history, iTunes content, notes, and reminders is placed under the protection of your passcode. Unlike our competitors, Apple cannot bypass your passcode and therefore cannot access this data. So it's not technically feasible for us to respond to government warrants for the extraction of this data from devices in their possession running iOS 8.

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Everybody is fucking panicking like assholes following this cop shooting up here. The cops are setting up roadblocks, schools are closing, and they've got automatic weapons at the entrance to the courthouse. Fucking get a grip.
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Here's another one of the "armed standoff" situations that to me seems completely unnecessary. There's no indication that this guy did anything wrong. (He's termed a "suspect" in the news report, but it doesn't say what he's suspected of.) SWAT team and bomb squad all show up at the guy's home, and then they don't leave. They stay for 18 hours. The guy hasn't taken any hostages. He's there in the house by himself. Why not just leave him in the house by himself? Why not call him on his phone, tell him that shots were reported at his home, see what he has to say? If there's no evidence that he's threatening anyone else, why is the SWAT team there?

An armed man surrendered Saturday night following an 18-hour standoff on the Fort Hall Indian Reservation in southeast Idaho, authorities said.

There were no reports of any injuries as a result of the confrontation, which began about 3 a.m. MDT.

The Idaho State Journal reported ( http://bit.ly/1v51R4C ) that the standoff ended about 9:30 p.m. when the suspect surrendered outside his house to officers, including SWAT teams with armored vehicles.

The newspaper reported that the man, identified by authorities as Ray Broncho, did not have any hostages.

Authorities said that during the confrontation, the gunman had fired several times at officers.

The incident began after officers received a report of shots fired in the home early Saturday, said Angelo Gonzales, Shoshone Bannock Tribes executive director. The reservation is just north of Pocatello.

The newspaper said Broncho barricaded himself inside his house as law officers arrived on the scene.

Earlier in the evening, FBI Special Agent Todd Palmer released a statement saying authorities were "working to peacefully resolve a situation on the Fort Hall Indian Reservation. At this time there is no danger to the community and surrounding residences have been evacuated."

Gonzales described the man as agitated during the standoff and at times poked his head out a window and yelled, while officers remained at a distance.

FBI agents came to the scene late Saturday morning and a negotiator and SWAT team arrived several hours later. Five blocks of surrounding homes were evacuated and roads blocked in several locations.

The Southeast Idaho SWAT team was also called in, Fort Hall Police and officials from other tribal departments assisted, and the Idaho Falls bomb squad was also on hand.

Neighbor Jessica First told the Journal she thought she heard gunshots and saw Fort Hall police with guns drawn near her home early Saturday morning. Police evacuated her family, and they were waiting for news at a nearby hotel.

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Cops tend to take it kind of personally when you shoot at them.
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Originally Posted by Ataturk View Post

Cops tend to take it kind of personally when you shoot at them.

...or video record them for that matter.
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Or question their authority to rape you.
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Or when you try and protect your grandchild from someone who has just busted down your door:


MANCHESTER — Lilian Alonzo, the grandmother shot late last month during a DEA drug raid at her apartment, was picking up an infant when a bullet ripped through her arm and entered her torso, her son told the New Hampshire Union Leader.

The son said agents later tore up Alonzo’s apartment in a search for drugs. No drugs, weapons or large amounts of cash were found, said Daniel Nunez, who returned to his home in Florida after spending the last two weeks with his mother.

He said the shooting took place after his 10-year-old sister opened the door and police barged into the apartment.

“She (Alonzo) went to pick up the baby. They thought she was reaching for something, and they shot her,” Nunez believes.

Armed with a search warrant, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration raided the third-floor apartment at 110 Beech St. on Aug. 27, the day authorities broke up a drug ring that involved the transport and sale of large amounts of oxycodone.

According to police statements and court affidavits, police confiscated 1,600 tablets in arrests earlier in the day at other locations. The investigation has netted nine arrests and the confiscation of $58,000, guns and drugs.

Two of those arrested were Alonzo’s daughters — Johanna Nunez and Jennifer Nunez. Neither lives with their mother.

An investigation of the shooting is being handled by New Hampshire Attorney General Joe Foster, whose office takes charge of any investigations involving police shootings.

At the time, Foster’s office said “one of the officer’s weapons discharged,” but would give no other details of the incident. A source said the AG’s investigation focuses on whether the shooting was accidental.

Assistant Attorney General Stacey Pawlik said Thursday that a preliminary report into the shooting may be ready by the end of next week. She would answer no questions about the shooting.

A check of New Hampshire courts found no record of arrests involving Alonzo in New Hampshire. The affidavit to justify the search of Alonzo’s apartment remains sealed.

Daniel Nunez said his mother, who is 49, knew nothing about what her daughters were up to.

Alonzo had lived in her apartment for about six years, and she often baby-sat the young children of Jennifer and Johanna, Daniel Nunez said. She now lives elsewhere in Manchester, he said.

Manchester lawyer Andru Volinsky said he has spoken to Alonzo and is researching her case but has not agreed to represent her yet.

On the evening of the raid, three children were in the apartment: Alonzo’s 10-year-old daughter, and her grandchildren: ages 4 and 1 1/2, Daniel Nunez said.

Daniel Nunez said he’s shocked that heavily armed police barged into the apartment. The case had been going on for nearly a year, so authorities knew that young children frequented the apartment, he said.

Two bullets were fired, Daniel Nunez said. One went through Alonzo’s arm and lodged in her left rib cage. The other entered an apartment wall, he said. His mother needed 30 stitches, and the bullet remains in her, Nunez said.

U.S. Attorney John Kacavas has said it is unlikely that Alonzo will face federal charges.

“They didn’t find anything at all or else my mom would have been arrested,” Nunez said. “Mom had nothing to do with this.”
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Ferguson Residents Get Body Cameras to Record Police

Copwatch raises $6,000 to purchase 110 body cameras for Ferguson residents.
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Originally Posted by burningbright View Post

Or when you try and protect your grandchild from someone who has just busted down your door:


Look, if she didn't want to get shot she shouldn't have raised daughters that deal drugs.
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Nothing to see here, folks, just your routine miscarriage of justice. Please go about your business.

No Indictments after police shoot and kill man at Wal-Mart; Justice Department launches investigation
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