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his cop friends must have a field day with this

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LOL, Enjoy


They expected the above, but they got below,

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Guy comes home to find his guns, iPad, and wife's jewelry have been stolen, so he calls the cops. Deputy shows up, shoots owners barking cattle dog in the head in the driveway, but didn't kill the dog right away. Owner begs deputy to shoot the dog again to put it out of its misery, since his guns were stolen and he can't do it himself. Deputy instead gets back into squad car and drives away, leaving owner to strangle his own suffering dog. More cops show up later with guns and tasers pointed at homeowner, who is now covered in his own dog's blood, thinking he's the suspect until he explains what happens.

Seriously, if dogs scare you that much that you have to shoot one who is barking to alert its owner someone is on their property, maybe you need to be in a different line of work.
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Never call the police
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Originally Posted by munchausen View Post

Never call the police

What a marvelous society we're developing.

This must be what it's always felt like to be a minority.
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Rule 1 - There's no situation so fucked that can't get worse with the presence of the police.

Rule 2 - Shut the fuck up.

Here endeth the lesson.
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tl;dr Old guy calls for ambulance, cops show up, beat him up, and they charge him with abusing the elderly.
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Knox County cop fired immediately after photos show brutal choking of student


April 28 at 4:00 am

Usually, after charges of police brutality, police officials take their time reacting while they follow procedure to determine who did what. But this episode in Knoxville, Tenn., was so extreme and well-documented that the local sheriff fired the officer immediately.

Frank Phillips, a Knox County Sheriff’s officer, was fired Sunday night after a series of pictures taken by photographer John Messner were published in the Daily Mail in Britain. They showed an officer identified by the Sheriff’s Office as Phillips grabbing 21-year-old college student Jarod Dotson around the neck and squeezing him until he fell to his knees.WBIR reports that law enforcement responded to a “disturbance” near the University of Tennessee where a house party with about 800 people had reportedly become unruly and spilled out into the street.

According to a police report, Dotson ignored repeated instructions to go inside, the Knoxville News Sentinel reported. Deputy Brandon Gilliam wrote in the official report that Dotson “began to physically resist officers’ instructions to place his hands behind his back, and at one point grabbed on to an officer’s leg.”

Messner, a freelance photographer who documented the incident, told The Washington Post that Dotson showed no signs of resisting arrest.

Messner’s still pictures, arranged by The Post in the GIF below, show two officers cuffing Dotson’s hands behind his back when Phillips came over and choked Dotson until he collapsed to his knees. Messner said that as Dotson was being pulled up he was smacked in the back of the head, “a snap-out-of-it kinda smack under the circumstances.”

Now if only they fire the other two officers seen handcuffing him, charge all three with criminal offenses, and also go after whoever wrote that completely bullshit arrest report.
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This is why we need more video recordings of police actions.
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Doesn't look like he even closed his hands around the guy's neck. I'm not saying it wasn't police misconduct, but "brutal choking" seems to be an exaggeration.
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Ataturk is nothing if not consistent in his apologism.
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Notwithstanding that the gif is a series of pictures that appears to be selected to minimize it, you can see the guy pull his hands away from the cops twice, once before the cop grabs him by the neck, and once after. And the cop who's "choking" has his right hand wrapped around a flashlight and not the guy's neck. I'm sure he was putting pressure on the neck, and might even have "choked" the guy a momentarily with his left hand, but well before the "collapse" the bottom fingers of the left hand aren't even touching the neck. Judging by the movements of the cops behind him the whole thing looks like it only took a few moments. The claim that he choked the guy until he collapsed is ridiculous.

Again, I'm not saying the cop didn't go too far, but the story is being exaggerated to stir up outrage and generate clicks, and you guys are buying into it.
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