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Did you see the "helmet cam" video of that latest shooting? That's something else.


The cop with the camera looks like he's got a bit of an itchy finger. He shoots the guy a couple times as he's going down (he's not the first to shoot, though).
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^ that was pretty disturbing. Flashbangs and rifles in the open and at short range, wtf?
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Get home at the end of your shift, all that matters.
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I'm finding it hard to see why they would release that video. All I can see is the guy talking shit to the cops and then slowly walking before he gets shot.
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They'd been trying to get him to stand down for three hours or so. And he's armed with knives.

Still not sure what the plan was with the dog and the flash bang though. Looks like they intended to take him down without shooting him but messed up somehow.

Those guys aren't going to get an award for handling crazies, but it looks like a good shoot to me. Right before he's shot, the guy makes a lunge at the cop who's trying to recover the dog. Yes, it's a feint, and the bullets fly as he's moving back, but they couldn't know that.
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If a civilian had shot him he or she would be charged with murder. Cops should be held to a higher standard.
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A civilian wouldn't have had to try to arrest him in the first place. It's not a fair comparison.
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Most rules of engagement don't allow you to shoot people when arresting them, only if you fear for your life or the life of another. It's a perfectly apt comparison.
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So a crazy guy wielding two knives repeatedly threatens to kill you, then from less than ten feet lunges at you and that isn't enough? C'mon.
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WTF are you talking about? He didn't lunge at anyone.

You must work for the FBI as you've never seen a police shooting you haven't fully supported.
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I don't see a lunge there. I do see cops who had a bean bag shotgun available decide to shoot someone down with real bullets instead.
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I can't see it for you, but it's there. He moves forward aggressively twice right before he's shot.
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If you say so. Good thing the pigs have an apologist.
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A West Vancouver police officer in an unmarked SUV abruptly swerves in front of a group of longboarders to enforce a $35 bylaw violation. Luckily everyone managed to avoid the reckless maneuver, and this footage doesn't have to be used in court. Skate safe, and avoid the cops!
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I tend to side slightly more with the cop here. The fact that the whiny assholes can't brake is their problem and of course exactly the reason longboarding is forbidden there. And it wasn't that close and could easily have been a left-turning (civilian) car.
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