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Forget 3d, what about the fourth dimension? He could have been doing anything and we would be physically incapable of perceiving it.
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Originally Posted by Ataturk View Post

Losing your shit and shooting someone too many times is manslaughter at the worst.

And let's not forget the Tueller Drill,

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The age of ‘pre-crime’ has arrived

Los Angeles is considering sending “Dear John” letters to the homes of men who solicit prostitutes hoping the mail will be opened by mothers, girlfriends or wives.

Privacy advocates are slamming the idea. The plan would use automated license plate readers to generate the letters, which would be aimed at shaming “Johns,” the Los Angeles Daily News reported.

The city council voted Wednesday to ask the City Attorney’s office to examine sending so-called “John Letters,” the Daily News reported.

Council member Nury Martinez, who represents a San Fernando Valley district that has a thriving street prostitution problem, introduced the plan.

Martinez has said many of the prostitutes are children, or women being exploited.

In a statement issued by her office Wednesday, Martinez said, “If you aren’t soliciting, you have no reason to worry about finding one of these letters in your mailbox. But if you are, these letters will discourage you from returning. Soliciting for sex in our neighborhoods is not OK.”

I can't think of any way that this could possibly be abused.
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Originally Posted by Nil View Post

I can't think of any way that this could possibly be abused.

California is ridiculous. This appears to go beyond legitimate police power, and into the realm of libel.
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The police shooting should be treated as just another gang hit.

Who are we kidding? This is Chicago.
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William Cunningham and Kennieth Smith were doing nothing wrong, had committed no crime, and were attempting to go about their daily routine when they were nearly killed by a power tripping cop.

On Wednesday, that power tripping cop, Prince George’s County Police officer Jenchesky Santiago, was remarkably found guilty for 1st and 2nd-degree assault, use of a firearm in violence, and misconduct in office – only after cellphone footage survived and was given to prosecutors.

The video remained private until the PGPD police department released it this week. What it shows is nothing short of a lunatic on a rampage threatening innocent people with his gun.

On May 10, 2014, Cunningham and Smith were sitting in a vehicle outside Cunningham’s home as Smith was dropping off his cousin. At this point, Santiago approached the vehicle and told them they were parked illegally, according to prosecutors.

However, the gentlemen were parked completely legally and prosecutors emphasized that fact during the trial by pointing out that the area in front of Cunningham’s home has no signs restricting parking, no fire hydrants nor any curb paint indicating a fire lane.

Santiago later claimed that since there were parking places nearby, this car was illegally parked – but he was still wrong.

As the men attempted to tell the officer that Smith was merely dropping Cunningham off, Santiago told them that they are in a drug-ridden area.

“What does that have to do with us?” Cunningham responded.

That’s when Santiago, who had two unauthorized occupants in his cruiser who apparently wanted to witness this jackboot thug harass innocent people, said, “You guys wanted my attention. You got my attention now.”

Prosecutor Donnell Turner told the judge that Santiago was showing off for two friends sitting in his patrol vehicle, during this unauthorized ride-along.

Having not been legally detained, Cunningham simply tried to walk into his house when all hell broke loose.

Santiago, responding to an innocent man walking into his own home, pulled his gun and pointed it at Cunningham, demanding that he “get back in the car!”

Frightened that he had a madman pressing a gun against his temple ‘so hard that it moved his head,’ Cunningham slowly made his way back to the vehicle. This slow walk was seen as a threat to the tyrant Santiago, which made him even more enraged and more apt to preen for his sadistic audience.

He then pressed the gun directly at the center of Cunningham’s face and mouth, “Go ahead. I dare you to f**king fight me, son.” All of this was captured on video.

After the video was turned off, Cunningham testified in court that Santiago later told them, “Y’all gonna learn about officer Santiago today. I just got back from Iraq. I’m not scared of you all.” He testified that Santiago also said, “You need to watch your attitude because us P.G. cops, we shoot people.”

Cunningham and Smith were then illegally searched without consent. Since Santiago found nothing to charge them with, he made up two counts of disorderly conduct, which would later be thrown out after the video surfaced.

“The actions Officer Santiago chose to take that day are his alone. His behavior is flagrant, appalling and isolated. His actions are among the worst I’ve seen as Chief of Police and that will be taken into account when I make a decision about his employment,” PGPD Chief Mark Magaw said.

“The moment officer Santiago made the decision to act in a reckless, illegal way, he ceased being a police officer,” Prince George’s County State’s Attorney Angela Alsobrooks said. “There is no place for that type of behavior in our county or on our police force. Every citizen should be able to walk across their front yard to their door without fear of being assaulted, especially by a police officer.”

Had Smith made the decision not to pull out his camera and shoot the video you see below, both of these men would likely still be facing the false charges brought against them by this costumed maniac. Let that sink in. Without that cellphone video, two innocent men would be in jail and a maniac cop would still be on the loose.

However, because of that video, a tyrant’s true colors were exposed to the world and he is now facing a minimum of 5-years in prison.

Shocking they actually found this cop guilty of a crime.
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Cops demand complete submission. Its how they are trained. They equate total control with safety.

To quote Cartman . . .
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Good ol' PG county. Don't think anybody around here is too surprised to see that kind of behavior, although this is egregious even for PG.
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Originally Posted by Gibonius View Post

Good ol' PG county. Don't think anybody around here is too surprised to see that kind of behavior, although this is egregious even for PG.

Dude?!? Don't you realize saying "PG County" instead of Prince George's County is completely offensive?



Trigger warning that shit next time.

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Originally Posted by Gibonius View Post

Good ol' PG county. Don't think anybody around here is too surprised to see that kind of behavior, although this is egregious even for PG.


PeeGee's finest!!!



But Owens also argued that his client's actions were not criminal, saying the court must consider his mindset at the time of the incident, patrolling a high crime area and dealing with a disobedient individual.


Bowie a high crime area?  ROFLMAO!!!

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The video doesn't show what happened before or after. For all we know they were refusing to obey lawful orders. Being in a high crime area means the officer had to use heightened discretion in applying force and investigative procedures.
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Admittedly, I'm no expert on parking law, but that car sure looks like it's illegally parked to me. It's too far from the curb and on the wrong side of the road for the direction it's facing.
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Originally Posted by Ataturk View Post

Admittedly, I'm no expert on parking law, but that car sure looks like it's illegally parked to me. It's too far from the curb and on the wrong side of the road for the direction it's facing.

Exactly. Those perps should be fucking grateful they were not summarily executed on the spot.
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Officers’ Statements Differ From Video in Death of Laquan McDonald

CHICAGO — At least five police officers present during a shooting that was captured on a video that has created a firestorm of protest in this city supported a discredited version of events told by the officer who fired the fatal shots, newly released records show.

A police dashboard camera video released 13 months after the death of Laquan McDonald, 17, showed the teenager, who was carrying a three-inch folding knife, appearing to try to walk past a group of officers, veering slightly away from them, as one officer, Jason Van Dyke, opened fire.

But at least five other officers on the scene that night corroborated a version of events similar to the one Officer Van Dyke, now charged with murder in the shooting, gave his supervisors: that Mr. McDonald was aggressively swinging his knife and was moving toward the police, giving Officer Van Dyke no choice but to start shooting.

Officer Van Dyke’s partner that night told supervisors that he believed Mr. McDonald was attacking and trying to kill the police officers with the folding knife before the shots were fired, according to original police reports on the 2014 case, which were released late Friday by the city. Another officer reported that Mr. McDonald had raised his right arm — which held the knife — toward Officer Van Dyke “as if attacking,” the reports say. And another officer said that Mr. McDonald drew closer and closer to the officers and continued to wave his knife. At least two of the officers said Mr. McDonald seemed to try to get up from the ground after he was shot, knife still in hand.

Such claims are not supported by the images available on the video, and they contradict what prosecutors have since said occurred, namely that the video “clearly does not show” Mr. McDonald “advancing on” Officer Van Dyke. Mr. McDonald was shot 16 times, many of those shots fired as he lay crumpled on the street.

More at the link. Chances these 5 cops will be disciplined in any substantial manner for lying?
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Sure there's a chance since Rambo will throw anyone to the wolves to save his sorry ass.
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