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Texting while driving. Mofo is lucky he didn't get shot because I know I would have felt justified.
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"Sir, your right rear blinker is out."
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"Sir, your left turn signal has been on for 2 miles."
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"Sir, it has come to our attention you crossed into NYC jurisdiction with a 44oz Slurpee."
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"Sir, your vehicle is emitting more than your allotment of CO. I'm going to have to have you step out of your vehicle and it will be impounded."
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"Sir, you have out of state plates and are driving in a drug corridor. We're going to seize your car irregardless of whether you actually have any drugs and sell the car at auction."
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"Sir, I don't see a PBA sticker in your rear window. Prepare for a cavity search."
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"Oh, my bad sir, from the angle I saw you go by you looked like you might have been Hispanic or light skinned black. My apologies. Go about your day."
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"Sir, it has been reported by sources that you haven't signed up for Obamacare yet."
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"Sir, I'm fucking your wife and now I need to kill you so I can be with her."

(This just happened about 40 miles from me this weekend. I'm not making it up.)
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"Sir, you don't have EZ Pass. Are you a terrorist?"
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"He made a furtive movement and I had to break his window because I thought he had a gun."
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I'm pretty sure that's russian, in which case he didn't need any reason other than "I wanted to"
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Ah, gotcha. My mistake in thinking it was in a first world nation.
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