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That was an end to an erea. Nowadays the rules are to bring children up as pansies. The new rules have brought a lot of problems that didn't exist before. If you haven't seen how it worked before, then how can you judge which method works best?

One of the examples of change is guns in school. Some schools allowed children to bring guns to school. Show and tell. Target out back. Selling, buying and trading guns. Nobody was afraid of somebody with a gun. It was unthinkable to even think of shooting someone. If you think today's method of discipline is better it's time to pull your thumb out of your mouth. Because today's methods isn't working we have serious social issues, which includes killings in school.

I went to school in the intermediate period of time, where physical discipline didn't happen but the culture of total indulgence of children hadn't developed yet. Teachers had no issues keeping the class under control, and nobody went home afraid of authority figures. Seems like the best of both worlds, but it relies on the parents holding kids accountable and not just blaming the teachers for everything.
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Flogging it is called yoda.gif As a student you have a choice of the 3 L's: learn, licks or leave.  It was never an issue for me but my little brother was another story

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Too bad this never got as much attention, but it is now. I wonder if people would have felt as empathetic for this kid.



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The one following that one is way worse:

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I know it's a different situation, but in certain schools, police presence is a measure that does need to be taken for such reasons as the one I linked, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. Some schools with cops also do procedures where you have wait in line to put your stuff through a bag check like at the air port.

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That's only because the schools are desperate for cash and every ass in a seat is money for the administration to waste. Those kids should probably have been expelled years ago, but then the shit school would lose money.

These public schools will all be burnt to the ground in a decade as kids are taught online. It will be glorious to see their collapse.
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Can't give kids a free lunch in an online class.
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Originally Posted by Gibonius View Post

Can't give kids a free lunch in an online class.



They figure it out in the summer for some kids.

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I'm not entirely joking either. One of the biggest strains on our school system right now is that they've been pressed into becoming a huge part of the social service network. Teachers are part social worker, and part educator. The fraction varies. In these distressed districts, they're probably more social worker. The schools themselves certainly spend as many resources on social work as education. The schools and the police are the only parts of government the public sees in shitty areas, remove the schools from the equation and it might get ugly(ier).

There's a lot of talk about "food insecurity" in progressive circles these days. I don't think they're going to let go of a chance to administer services to a group in need, or a group perceived to be in need. The number of students on free and reduced meals is incredible.
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Giant companies like Sysco, Sodexo, and Compass would never allow the government to end their "free" meal program.
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I'm sure they'll have camps where the po' kids can congregate for their 3 hots and a cot.
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They're all going to be on minimum guaranteed income anyway, once all the jobs get automated. It's going to be rich people, knowledge workers, creatives, and physical jobs that can't be automated. Everybody else is just going to get paid to stay at home and not riot.
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If drugs werent illegal then the dads would be at home to impart some very basic values (dont shove old ladies, etc).
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I read about a school system in California where they set up breakfast for the poor children. They did so well at this that the rich people started using it, and gladly raised their taxes to pay for it. Sounded like the children liked it and convenient for the parents.
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